London Bechstein Piano Centre

Bechstein Showroom in London

Markson Pianos offer a huge selection of Bechstein Pianos in London

At the London Bechstein Centre, we are proud to offer a wide selection of both upright and grand pianos manufactured by C.Bechstein Pianofortefabrik AG. These world renowned pianos epitomise the craftsmanship, research and design, and superior material quality utilised by a piano manufacturer since 1853.

There are four brands within the collection, namely : C.Bechstein | Bechstein (B) | W.Hoffmann | Zimmermann which gives access to fine quality pianos to most budgets.

The C.Bechstein range is the premier class of the range and can be found on world concert stages, academies, conservatoires, and in the homes of many musicians who demand the highest quality of sound production and action. Every part of the manufacturing process is scrutinised to the highest levels and much time consuming attention is given to areas such as the fitting of the specially crafted tapered soundboard, and the construction of the wrest plank

The Bechstein (B) series are the next range in these quality instruments. Massive investment by the company in their manufacturing facility has allowed for mechanisation and technology to play a bigger part in the construction of these pianos, so while there has been no sacrifice to the care and attention displayed during the manufacturing, there is less need for human intervention until the finer aspects regarding voicing and tuning at the end of the process.

The W.Hoffmann range are the next in line. These pianos are made to very exacting standards, using high quality materials sourced from around the world. Manufactured in the new C.Bechstein Europe based in the Czech Republic they have been designed and built under the careful attention of the C.Bechstein company to combat the pianos manufactured in the Far East. Much focus has been given to the production of an extremely good instrument, built to last, but at prices that are very affordable.

The Zimmermann range. Historically manufactured in Germany, the production of these instruments has been migrated to the Hailun piano manufacturer in China. The demand for high quality instruments in China has far outstripped the European market and with careful consideration given to protecting much of the wealth of knowledge and experience that 160 years of piano making results in, the C.Bechstein company have put their Bechstein Quality Seal on these instruments.
The Zimmermann range gives access to very robust and good quality instruments at very affordable prices and can be considered as the entry level to ranges.

The C.Bechstein Pianofortefabrik AG truly are a forward thinking and exciting company within the piano manufacturing world. Continual investment in research and development, expanding markets and above all a range of superbly crafted instruments have resulted in them being the largest European manufacturer of pianos, and you will be extremely proud to own any one of these instruments and will derive huge pleasure from playing them.

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