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Surrounded by the backdrop of political, economic, and social turmoil in the 1850's, Friedrich Wilhelm Carl Bechstein, a twenty seven year old instrument maker from Gotha, Thuringia, who is related to the writer Ludwig Bechstein famous for his compilation of traditional tales and legends, decides to live out his dream and make his vision reality: he founds his own business

Carl pursues his goals and learns his craft (and innovations) while working with some of the great piano manufacturers of the time, such as Jean-Henri Pape, and Jean-Georges Kriegelstein. In 1853 Bechstein pianos started their own manufacturing process in the heart of Berlin, and the rest as they say is history.

For a detailed read on the history of Bechstein and a fascinating glimpse into the piano world of the 19th / 20th century a copy can be downloaded here Carl Bechstein History


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CBechstein-catalogue.pdf C.Bechstein Catalogue (6.7Mb)
Bechstein Pianos Videos


Price: £ POA
  • Model: Vario
  • Dimensions: Length : | Width : | Height : | Weight
Vario System
The Bechstein Vario digital mute system will exceed your highest expectations. It has optimum dynamics, an elegant and unobstrusive design and is simple to use. Unlike other mute systems, there is absolutely no compromise in converting your playing dynamics as it perfectly replicates the exact touch of your fingers on the keys.
Suitability : For all levels.

A112 Modern

Price: £ POA
  • Model: A112 Modern
  • Dimensions: H: 112cm | W: 149cm | D: 57cm | Wt: 231kg
C.Bechstein A 112 Modern
An elegant and aesthetic designer piano. More than just a designer piano.
Suitability :Advanced to professional level.

A116 Compact

Price: £ POA
  • Model: A116 Compact
  • Dimensions: H: 116cm | W: 151cm | D: 59cm | Wt: 235kg
Bechstein A116 Compact
A very pleasing action paired with a mature and well-balanced voice. Truly German-made.
Suitability :Advanced to professional level.

A124 Imposant

Price: £ POA
  • Model: A124 Imposant
  • Dimensions: H: 124cm | W: 151cm | D: 62cm | Wt: 255kg
C.Bechstein A124 Imposant
A mature and elegant piano with a large soundboard that ensures a powerful volume.
Suitability : Advanced to professional level.

A124 Style

Price: £ POA
  • Model: A124 Style
  • Dimensions: H: 124cm | W: 151cm | D: 61cm | Wt: 255kg
C.Bechstein A124 Style
A powerful yet subtle and greatly nuanced concert upright.
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Suitability : Advanced to professional level.

Contur 118

Price: £ POA
  • Model: Contur 118
  • Dimensions: H: 124cm | W: 150cm | D: 58cm | Wt: 150Kg
C.Bechstein Contur 118
The same as the Classic 118 model internally, but with more curved, classic lines in the cabinet.

Suitability : Professional level.

Classic 118

Price: £ POA
  • Model: Classic 118
  • Dimensions: H: 118cm | W: 150cm | D: 58cm | Wt: 150Kg
C.Bechstein Classic 118
This model appeals to all supporters of clear classical forms; its proportions are perfect and its clean lines are timeless, modern and elegant.
Suitability : Professional level.

Millenium 116

Price: £ POA
  • Model: Millenium 116
  • Dimensions: H: 116cm | W: 150cm | D: 58cm | Wt: 150Kg
C.Bechstein 116 Millenium
This beautifully understated upright piano has won three prestigious international design awards. The three awards are the Good Design Award, IF Hanover Product Design Award and IF Gold Design Award.
Suitability : Professional level.

Elegance 124

Price: £ POA
  • Model: Elegance 124
  • Dimensions: H: 124cm | W: 150cm | D: 58cm | Wt: 150Kg
C.Bechstein Elegance 124
Housing Bechstein's patented Model 11 engineering and beautiful flowing lines, this piano is the perfect combination of style and substance.
Suitability : Professional level.

Classic 124

Price: £ POA
  • Model: Classic 124
  • Dimensions: H: 124cm | W: 152cm | D: 62cm | Wt: 258kg
C.Bechstein Classic 124
This piano demonstrates the highest sound quality and a sophisticated action. The French music magazine Diapason d'or quotes "Convincing through the tonal beauty and pleasant touch."
Suitability : Professional level.


Price: £ POA
  • Model: A160
  • Dimensions: Length : 160cm | Width : 151cm | Height : 101cm | Weight 308Kg
C.Bechstein A160
The C. Bechstein A 160 is ideal if you’re in search of a grand but live in a small apartment.
Suitability : Advanced to professional level.


Price: £ POA
  • Model: A175
  • Dimensions: Length : 175cm | Width : 152cm | Height : 101cm | Weight 334Kg
C.Bechstein A175
This powerful, yet subtle grand has ideal dimensions for a small room to medium sized room.
Suitability : Advanced to professional level.

Concert 8

Price: £ POA
  • Model: Concert 8
  • Dimensions: H: 124cm | W: 150cm | D: 58cm | Wt: 150Kg
C.Bechstein Concert 8
Probably the most technically perfect upright piano ever made. This model will not sound dissimillar to a high quality grand piano.

Suitability : Professional level.


Price: £ POA
  • Model: A190
  • Dimensions: Length : 190cm | Width : 153cm | Height : 101cm | Weight 348Kg
C.Bechstein A190
This beautiful German-made grand is suitable for both private music rooms and small concert halls.
Suitability : Advanced to professional level.


Price: £ POA
  • Model: A208
  • Dimensions: Length : 208cm | Width : 154cm | Height : 101cm | Weight 375Kg
C.Bechstein A208
This salon sized piano is perfect for chamber, as well as solo concerts.
Suitability : Professional level.


Price: £ POA
  • Model: A228
  • Dimensions: Length : 228cm | Width : 159cm | Height : 101cm | Weight 417Kg
C.Bechstein A228
A true German-made concert level grand piano at an affordable price.
Suitability : Professional level.


Price: £ POA
  • Model: L167
  • Dimensions: Length : 167cm | Width : 153cm | Height : 101cm | Weight 318Kg
C. Bechstein L167
This compact professional piano is considered "the best baby grand" by numerous specialists. It features all the characteristics of the new concert grand, including duplex scaling and a subtle, perfectly controlled action.

Suitability : Professional level.


Price: £ POA
  • Model: M192
  • Dimensions: Length : 192cm | Width : 153cm | Height : 101cm | Weight 362Kg
C. Bechstein M192
The C. Bechstein M/P 192 grand piano conveys all that the pianist's heart desires; a wonderful color spectrum, powerful bass, singing treble, flawless register transitions and a professional touch. Medium-sized yet powerful, this piano is designed for demanding professionals, musical connoisseurs and higher education.
Suitability : Professional level.


Price: £ POA
  • Model: B212
  • Dimensions: Length : 212cm | Width : 154cm | Height : 101cm | Weight 416Kg
C. Bechstein B212
The C. Bechstein B 212 grand piano is an instrument for the professional or ambitious connoisseur who wants the very best. This model was developed by the C. Bechstein research and development department with the same successfully re-designed features as the concert grand pianos C 234 and D 282.
Suitability : Professional level.


Price: £ POA
  • Model: C234
  • Dimensions: Length : 234cm | Width : 158cm | Height : 101cm | Weight 439Kg
C. Bechstein C234
The C. Bechstein C 234 semi grand piano is a sensational instrument of the Masterpiece Series. Developed by the unique German C. Bechstein Center of Excellence for Research and Development after lengthy dialogue with many major artists and international professionals.
Suitability : Professional level.


Price: £ POA
  • Model: D282
  • Dimensions: Length : 282cm | Width : 160cm | Height : 101cm | Weight 540Kg
C. Bechstein D282
The C. Bechstein D 282 concert grand piano wins in the direct comparison test with all of the competition. It is the ideal of many pianists and has superior power potential, unsurpassed tone qualities and a precise, effortless touch.

Suitability : Professional level.
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