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Markson Pianos offer a huge range of W.Hoffmann Pianos

In 2007 the world renowned piano manufacturer, C.Bechstein, opened a new facility in the Czech Republic to manufacture these exceptionally well constructed instruments. European quality, coupled with continual research and development in the C.Bechstein factory deliver pianos superb in build and cosntruction, at very reasonable prices.

The two product lines of the mid-market Tradition models and the very affordable Vision models produce harmonious sonority coupled with a powerful sound and are solidly backed by a FIVE YEAR GUARANTEE by C.Bechstein.


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Bechstein Pianos

112 Vision

Price: £ POA
  • Model: 112 Vision
  • Dimensions: H: 112cm | W: 151cm | D: 56cm | Wt: 212Kg
W. Hoffmann V112
This European built piano is one of the finest of its size with particularly rich bass and singing treble. This instrument is perfect for a discerning player with limited space.
Suitability : Beginner to Advanced level.

120 Vision

Price: £ POA
  • Model: 120 Vision
  • Dimensions: H: 120cm | W: 151cm | D: 63cm | Wt: 2231Kg
W. Hoffmann V120
This piano houses all the qualities of the V112 but with a larger soundboard and string length for an even greater rounded and more nuanced tone.
Suitability : Beginner to advanced level.

126 Vision

Price: £ POA
  • Model: 126 Vision
  • Dimensions: H: 126cm | W: 147cm | D: 52cm | Wt: 240Kg
W. Hoffmann V126
Like it's two V series brothers, but with additional agraffes for crystal clear tone and longer keys for an even more precise touch.
Suitability : Advanced to professional level.

122 Tradition

Price: £ POA
  • Model: 122 Tradition
  • Dimensions: H: 122cm | W: 147cm | D: 60cm | Wt: 230Kg
W. Hoffmann T122
This handcrafted upright has been chosen by many leading London institutions as the definitive professional practice piano.
Suitability : Professional level.

128 Tradition

Price: £ POA
  • Model: 128 Tradition
  • Dimensions: H: 128cm | W: 147cm | D: 63cm | Wt: 238Kg
W. Hoffmann T128
With its handcrafted soundboard and ribs as well as top quality German hammers, this European made instrument is comparable to most higher priced German made pianos.
Suitability : Professional level.

131 Vision

Price: £ POA
  • Model: 131 Vision
  • Dimensions: H: 131cm | W: 151cm | D: 63cm | Wt: 251Kg
W. Hoffmann V130
The largest of the Vision series uprights, this piano has a dark, full tone and highly responsive action

Suitability : Advanced to professional level.


Price: £ POA
  • Model: V158
  • Dimensions: Length : 158cm | Width : 151cm | Height : 101cm | Weight: 304Kg
W. Hoffmann V158
This baby grand has a distinctly European voice that suits any repertoire. It contains German AA quality hammer heads which are individually selected and voiced by hand and ear.
Suitability : Advanced level.


Price: £ POA
  • Model: V175
  • Dimensions: Length : 175cm | Width : 150cm | Weight : 362Kg
W. Hoffmann V175
An affordable grand piano for demanding pianists, this versatile model will suit many environments from the living room to music school.
Suitability : Advanced to professional level.


Price: £ POA
  • Model: V183
  • Dimensions: Length : 183cm | Width : 152cm | Weight : 341Kg
W. Hoffmann V183
This European made grand piano is an excellent choice for a music institution or accomplished professional. It's soundboard is designed to withstand climatic variations.
Suitability : Advanced to professional level.


Price: £ POA
  • Model: T161
  • Dimensions: Length : 161cm | Width : 151cm | Height : 101cm | Weight: 310Kg
W. Hoffmann T161
A must try instrument for anyone looking to buy a mid-priced baby grand. This European-made piano has a wonderfully refined sound.

Suitability : Advanced to professional level.


Price: £ POA
  • Model: T177
  • Dimensions: Length : 177cm | Width : 152cm | Weight : 318Kg
W. Hoffmann T177
The 'bigger brother' of the T161 model, it is characterised by a harmonious, rounded sound profile and an impressive power. The sound-board and its ribs are handcrafted in Alpine spruce.

Suitability : Advanced to professional level.


Price: £ POA
  • Model: T186
  • Dimensions: Length : 186cm | Width : 154cm | Weight : 338Kg
W. Hoffmann T186
This model has an extremely powerful sound, coupled with a noble, balanced voice in all registers. The top quality hammer heads are made in Germany and are individually selected and voiced by hand and ear.
Suitability : Advanced to professional level.
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