Bosendorfer - 280VC
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The next generation
With uncompromising striving for quality, highly specialised craftsmanship and advanced technological production processes are the building blocks of this powerful new dynamic instrument. This piano has been developed for the concert stage. Its typical warm and singing sound character continues the Bösendorfer musical heritage and tradition. Its broad dynamic range and powerful tonal development and sustain make the 280VC a perfect tool for a wide range of performances. Based on the Viennese tradition of piano building it presents itself in a contemporary way and easily meets today's demands of the concert stage.

The Guardian gave him a stunning review, and commented that:
"Schiff drew astounding colours from a new Bosendorfer in his thoughtful recital of late works by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert".

Andreas Schiff himself wrote a personal note in the programme about the Bosendorfer:
"In the world of globalisation where basically all pianists play all the music on one sort of piano, we desperately need change and variety. Please listen without prejudice, with open ears and hearts"

To hear this interview, and this amazing instrument please Click Here

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  • Birth of a Bosendorfer
Physical dimensions of the instrument

L: 280cm | H: 103cm | W: 160cm | Wt: 510Kg

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