Yamaha CLP175 Digital Grand Piano

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This instrument offers outstanding response and breathtakingly realistic sound in a beautiful mini baby grand piano style wood cabinet.

Using advanced technology known as iAFC (Instrumental Active Field Control) the CLP-175 makes use of an integral, hidden microphone and discretely placed speakers (in addition to the 'regular' speakers) to create a rich sound that best matches the acoustic characteristics of the room you're playing in. These built-in microphones make the CLP175 capable of performing its own sound check, making tonal adjustments based on the environment surrounding the instrument. 38 voices provide a wide range of distinctive sounds and three separate foot pedals provide a realistic piano feel. For uncanny warmth and texture, the CLP175 features a 'Natural Keyboard' with real wooden keys – just like those found in acoustic pianos. And just like an acoustic piano, the key weighting gets progressively lighter as you move up the keyboard. Meanwhile, its hammer action ensures that the CLP175's touch is virtually indistinguishable from that of an acoustic piano. Sensors under the hammers and cushions process damper on/off and hammer velocity information accurately interpreting the performance of even the most demanding pianist.

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Physical dimensions of the instrument

W: 143cm | D: 115cm | H: 93cm | Wt: 118Kg

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