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The Bechstein B 160 is for you if you’re dreaming of a grand piano but have only limited space at home. With evenly balanced registers and an accurate action, it delivers a colourful sound, rich in overtones. Even and especially if your taste is discriminating, you can count on the Bechstein B 160 grand piano to guarantee your playing pleasure.

The Bechstein B 160 grand was developed by C. Bechstein’s expertise and R&D centre located in Seifhennersdorf, Saxony, and is made in Germany using high-quality materials and advanced production processes. Try it and you will feel and hear for yourself: playing and listening to the Bechstein B 160 grand piano is a delight for all the senses. You won’t be able to resist its rich voice and the unrestricted playing pleasure it offers.

Although just 160 cm long, the Bechstein B 160 delivers a voluminous sound.


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Physical dimensions of the instrument

Length : 160cm | Width : 151cm | Height : 101cm | Weight 312Kg

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