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The Bechstein B 190 grand piano fulfils your most secret wishes: your fingers glide softly over well-balanced keys; you feel the sensuality and perfection of the keyboard and the action assembly. With this instrument in your music room, you experience the magic and elegance of the Bechstein world. The Bechstein B 190 grand piano offers not only a professional action, but also a remarkable voice that suits any musical style.

A source of exceptional musical pleasure, the Bechstein B 190 grand piano stands out with its clear sound and colourful timbre. Its pleasant touch results from the precision and excellent response of the action. Its convenient size makes it suitable for both private music rooms and small concert halls.

Bechstein brand pianos are designed for discriminating players — and have been captivating beginning and professional pianists for more than 160 years.


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Physical dimensions of the instrument

Length : 190cm | Width : 153cm | Height : 101cm | Weight 351Kg

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