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This state of the art player system allows perfect renditions of players performances acoustically through the instrument (the keys and pedals move on their own); be it through recording yourself or by hundreds of pre-installed songs and piano music on the system hard drive. In short, this is the finest and most responsive player piano in the world.

Technical Characteristics:

Ceus is available for all Bosendorfer grand pianos from sizes 5'8" to 9'6".

Ceus has an especially refined control system: sensor touch keys on the fall-board and the keys provide ample room for data input.

The display is wireless and has been fitted discreetly into the fall-board so that the pianist may play without even being aware of the display. The fall-board can still be removed without disconnecting a wire.

Because of its integrated MIDI function, the CEUS can replay pieces from an enormous number of international musical libraries.

Accuracy of hammer velocity - 2 milliseconds which surpasses comparable systems by a factor of at least ten times.




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Physical dimensions of the instrument

See standard Bosendorfer grand piano sizes.

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