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The CF Series features three models that will delight and possibly even surprise you with their power, tonal richness, dynamic range and color. And at the same time the keyboard and its action are an absolute pleasure to use, offering impeccable control that encourages performers to reach for new levels of musical expression. These handcrafted instruments are backed by over a hundred years of high caliber concert piano production, with extensive research analyzing what makes a truly great piano. Yamaha experts have spent countless hours together with top world-class performers testing, evaluating and evolving the pianos into the instruments they are today--pianos that are capable of gracing any stage in the world.


The size of the rim and the processes used to manufacture it, have been redesigned to provide greater strength. This gives the instrument a firmer feel and provides the support needed for a tonal presence that can be heard in the farthest regions of a hall.


The coils on the bass strings have been improved to provide deeper and richer bass sound.

Bridge materials

The materials used have been reevaluated to compliment the new design of the CF Series. String tension balance has also been recalculated to provide a stable, clear sound.


The techniques used to shape the soundboard have been improved allowing the soundboard greater freedom to vibrate and it produces the maximum amount of resonance, for a broad sound with a solid attacks.


The hammer material has been carefully researched, and the hammers themselves have been redesigned for optimum balance with the overall instrument design.


The CF Series pianos have a beautiful, eloquent silhouette inspired by their concept of ‘Power and Beauty’. The design eliminates unnecessary elements from the shape, and every part, from the legs and supports, to the sideboards have been beautifully harmonized.

Lid (surface, edges)

The lid features a new design which matches that of the rest of the body, but it has also been developed for maximum tonal projection. The top surface of the CFX has a matte ‘satin’ finish to prevent glare from the stage lights disturbing orchestra members.

Pedal box

In addition to its unique, modern appearance, the pedal box is also stronger and offers improved control and playability.


A new method of applying the finish was developed for the CF Series for a deeper black color and a better gloss.


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Physical dimensions of the instrument

Length : 212cm | Width : 159cm | Height : 102cm | Weight : 409Kg

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