Second Hand Acoustic Grand Pianos

Quality at the right price.
Acoustic Grand Pianos

As one of the UK's leading piano dealers we are fortunate to be able to offer an extensive range of pre-owned pianos. Each piano goes through the full regulation and set up process in exactly the same way as new pianos do, and where necessary parts are replaced or renewed. These pianos receive at least two in-house tunings in order that we can assess their stability, and once we are satisfied that they are structurally sound they are made available for sale.

Where there may be casework damage, we as a rule leave the repairwork to the potential customers discretion. Often it is not too severe, but in order to keep our prices as competitive as they are we allow ourselves to be guided by the client. We have our own repairers and polishers, and will carry out any work as requested ; prices are arranged at the time of purchase.

Our stock of pre-owned / secondhand pianos is continually changing so please CALL US for new arrivals.

As with our new pianos, most of our secondhand pianos are sold with a full FIVE YEAR guarantee

Secondhand Grand Pianos

Waldstein : GP142

Price: £ 4,850.00
  • Model: Waldstein : GP142
  • Dimensions: Length: 142cm
Chinese Pearl River produced Waldstein baby grand. Good condition throughout
Black Polyester
Hire for £220pm
Intermediate level

Bentley : GP148

Price: £ 6,000.00
  • Model: Bentley : GP148
  • Dimensions: 148cm
Chinese produced Bentley GP148 baby grand. Good condition throughout, Circa 2014
Black Polyester
Hire for £250pm
Intermediate/ advanced levels

Kawai : KG-2

Price: £ 8,000.00
  • Model: Kawai : KG-2
  • Dimensions: Call in for dimensions
Japanese made Kawai, Circa 1974. Very good condition
Walnut Satin
Hire for £250.00pm
All levels

Yamaha : G1

Price: £ 8,250.00
  • Model: Yamaha : G1
  • Dimensions: 160cm
Japanese made Yamaha G1, 1980's. Good condition
Black Polyester
Hire for £250pm
All levels

Yamaha : C2

Price: £ 14,500.00
  • Model: Yamaha : C2
  • Dimensions: 173cm
Japanese made Yamaha C2 (2012.) Excellent condition
Black Polyester
Not available to hire
All levels

Sauter : 160

Price: £ 18,000.00
  • Model: Sauter : 160
  • Dimensions: Call in for dimensions
The oldest Piano manufacturer worldwide. Handcrafted in Germany, since 1819.
Black Polyester
Not available for hire
Professional level

C.Bechstein : Model IV

Price: £ 25,000.00
  • Model: C.Bechstein : Model IV
  • Dimensions: Call in for dimensions
German manufacture, Fully restored model IV Circa 1880.
Burr Walnut Satin
This piano is not for hire
All levels

Sauter : 185 Delta

Price: £ 35,000.00
  • Model: Sauter : 185 Delta
  • Dimensions: Call in for dimensions
One of the best German manufacture, Rare model. Perfect condition.
Circa 2002. Flamed Mahogany Polyester
This piano is not for hire
All levels

Steinway & Sons : Model O

Price: £ 45,000.00
  • Model: Steinway & Sons : Model O
  • Dimensions: Call in for dimensions
A wonderful Steinway & Sons made in the USA, Circa 1901. Fully restored
Rosewood Inlay
Not for hire
All levels
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