B116 Compact
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The Bechstein B 116 Compact is truly a premium upright, made in Germany. Such quality is surpassed only by the masterpieces of the C. Bechstein line. The quintessence of piano-making, the Bechstein B 116 Compact upright piano embodies the best of German engineering.

For over 160 years, Bechstein pianos have been leaders in the top market segment. The C. Bechstein expertise and R&D centre has developed manufacturing processes that merge the Bechstein legend with state-of-the-art technology. Exquisite materials are processed with high precision to make instruments of outstanding quality. As a result, the Bechstein B 116 Compact upright stands out with its durability and optimal sound.

The Bechstein B 116 Compact upright piano offers amazing value for money. Although eminently affordable, it has every feature you could wish for in your dream instrument: a pleasant touch, a beautifully balanced sound, and suitability for all kinds of music. Like all Bechstein uprights, the B 116 Compact model upholds the historic brand’s international reputation for excellence. The Bechstein B 116 Compact upright: a legend that moves with the times.


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Physical dimensions of the instrument

H: 116cm | W: 149cm | D: 59cm | Wt: 235kg

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