Concert 8
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The C. Bechstein Concert 8 concert upright piano is the non plus ultra - the best concert upright in the world. For many decades, the C. Bechstein Concert 8 concert upright piano has been regarded as an unattainable model. It far exceeds a normal grand piano of a middle category. Its sound system, sound volume, color, touch, everything surprises and convinces even the most demanding players who are used to the precise response and the volume of a grand piano. In addition: The C. Bechstein Piano Concert 8 upright concert piano has received a fundamentally new acoustic system, which corresponds to the findings of the C. Bechstein grand piano masterspiece series. The C. Bechstein Piano Concert 8 as a concert upright piano does in fact contain the main engineering principles of the C. Bechstein current grand piano production. These include refined dynamics, more gradations of tone colour development, a more nuanced, optimized unfolding of tone. The soundprofile of the C.Bechstein piano Concert 8 has excellent fundamental tones that are more vocal and enduring. This concert piano is the ideal working tool of many professionals, musicians mention it by name - from Simon Rattle and the Beatles to Simon and Garfunkel. Find out about the details of these world-class pianos: the finest components, woods and other components, the months of continuous manufacturing production in Germany, the many test victories in the same sector. C. Bechstein Piano Concert 8 is the piano of pianos.


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Physical dimensions of the instrument

H: 124cm | W: 150cm | D: 58cm | Wt: 150Kg

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