122 Tradition
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The W.HOFFMANN Tradition upright T 122 but is indeed remarkably affordable. In all details you find conscientiously and responsibly executed craftsmanship, the sound of the W.HOFFMANN Tradition upright T 122 shows European quality with all the features of traditional German piano making. The skilfully crafted playing mechanism offers good interpretation possibilities and dynamic range from pianissimo to fortissimo. The instrument has a rich dynamic range developed from production to manually voicing the hammers, the process lies in the hands of a team of piano makers at C. Bechstein Europe, Czech Republic.  The five-year warranty also comes from C. Bechstein Europe. Quality components of the W.HOFFMANN Tradition upright T 122 include:

  • Strong back: Medium hard pine;
  • Sounding board and ribs: European solid spruce;
  • Bridge: European beech; sound post: multiplex beach;
  • Cast iron plate: Cast iron formed in heavy sand;
  • Steel strings and copper thread covering: 99% pure, German material;
  • Body: Solid spruce parts; MDF cabinet panels;
  • Action and keyboard according to C. Bechstein standards;
  • Hammer heads with specially selected sheep felt.

All the components make this upright W. HOFFMANN Tradition 122 good value for money. The upright is also available with the Vario System so you can practice day and night without disturbing anyone.

We have supplied this particular model to various prestigious London musicial institutions, including the Royal Academy of Music, and Middlesex University.



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Physical dimensions of the instrument

H: 122cm | W: 147cm | D: 60cm | Wt: 230Kg

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