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Hoffmann Company Profile

W.Hoffmann pianos are high quality and affordable European made instruments by C. Bechstein. Unlike the equivalent mid-market instruments by other prestige manufacturers, these pianos are solely made in the Czech Republic to the highest European tradition and all production is overseen by Bechstein‘s senior technicians. These pianos are a perfect choice for a discerning player who wants German design and quality at an affordable price. We have sold these instruments to several prestigious London schools and universities.

All W. Hoffmann made pianos can be fitted with their exclusive Vario digital mute system which allows you to play silently through headphones, whilst retaining the acoustic playing touch without any compromise on the responsiveness of the action.

112 Vision

  • W.Hoffman Upright Pianos - New
  • Model : 112 Vision
  • Dimensions : H: 112cm | W: 151cm | D: 56cm | Wt: 212Kg
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W. Hoffmann V112
This European built piano is one of the finest of its size with particularly rich bass and singing treble. This instrument is perfect for a discerning player with limited space.
Suitability : Beginner to Advanced level.
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120 Vision

  • W.Hoffman Upright Pianos - New
  • Model : 120 Vision
  • Dimensions : H: 120cm | W: 151cm | D: 63cm | Wt: 2231Kg
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W. Hoffmann V120
This piano houses all the qualities of the V112 but with a larger soundboard and string length for an even greater rounded and more nuanced tone.
Suitability : Beginner to advanced level.
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126 Vision

  • W.Hoffman Upright Pianos - New
  • Model : 126 Vision
  • Dimensions : H: 126cm | W: 147cm | D: 52cm | Wt: 240Kg
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W. Hoffmann V126
Like it's two V series brothers, but with additional agraffes for crystal clear tone and longer keys for an even more precise touch.
Suitability : Advanced to professional level.
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122 Tradition

  • W.Hoffman Upright Pianos - New
  • Model : 122 Tradition
  • Dimensions : H: 122cm | W: 147cm | D: 60cm | Wt: 230Kg
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W. Hoffmann T122
This handcrafted upright has been chosen by many leading London institutions as the definitive professional practice piano.
Suitability : Professional level.
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