The W.Hoffmann Upright Portfolio

128 Tradition

  • W.Hoffman Upright Pianos - New
  • Model : 128 Tradition
  • Dimensions : H: 128cm | W: 147cm | D: 63cm | Wt: 238Kg
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W. Hoffmann T128
With its handcrafted soundboard and ribs as well as top quality German hammers, this European made instrument is comparable to most higher priced German made pianos.
Suitability : Professional level.
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131 Vision

  • W.Hoffman Upright Pianos - New
  • Model : 131 Vision
  • Dimensions : H: 131cm | W: 151cm | D: 63cm | Wt: 251Kg
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W. Hoffmann V130
The largest of the Vision series uprights, this piano has a dark, full tone and highly responsive action

Suitability : Advanced to professional level.
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