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We carefully select pianos from manufactures around the world that offer good value for money in terms of quality of materials, durability and performance criteria.

In our showroom you will find new pianos from Great Britain, Japan, Indonesia, Germany, The Czech Republic and China. All our new pianos carry a full FIVE YEAR GUARANTEE and this is reinforced with our own after sales service. Prior to delivery, every piano is set up its optimum performance by our experienced workshop staff.

Upright Pianos

Upright Piano


Bentley T115

  • Model:
  • Dimensions: W:150cm | D:61cm | H:115cm
  • Special Price: 2,500.00

Bentley 115cm model T for tradition is a good quality upright made in the award winning Pearl River factory in China. Built on European traditions and containing high quality woods and action parts, we are confident that this instrument will see you and your child through the majority of the grades.

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