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We carefully select pianos from manufactures around the world that offer good value for money in terms of quality of materials, durability and performance criteria.

In our showroom you will find new pianos from Great Britain, Japan, Indonesia, Germany, The Czech Republic and China. All our new pianos carry a full FIVE YEAR GUARANTEE and this is reinforced with our own after sales service. Prior to delivery, every piano is set up its optimum performance by our experienced workshop staff.

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Upright Piano


Bentley Model Modern

  • Model:
  • Dimensions: W:146cm | D:60cm | H:113cm
  • Special Price: 2,799.00

Bentley model Modern is a compact stylish upright piano ideally suited for restricted access accommodation. Unique amongst pianos of this style the Modern is taller than other alternatives with a larger soundboard and string length to enhance tone and dynamic range.

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Bentley Model Contemporary

  • Model:
  • Dimensions: W:149cm | D:60cm | H:115cm
  • Special Price: 2,999.00

The Bentley Contemporary is a slim-line Piano with a gently sloping top profile and offers exceptional value for money. A larger soundboard and longer string length enrich the tone and dynamic range compared to other similarly priced pianos. The attractive cabinet includes a lockable keyboard cover. The perfect mid size offers balance of presence and performance suitable for players of all abilities.Also available in Walnut, Mahogany and White gloss finishes.

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Ritmuller Model Comfort

  • Model:
  • Dimensions: W:149cm | D:60cm | H:110cm
  • Special Price: 2,999.00

Ritmuller Comfort combines a low profile compact design with a clear tone and ease of touch.  A vertical side profile and split hinged top lid allows the full tonal expression to emerge giving the Comfort the power typical of larger pianos. The European style streamline key-fall and deluxe brass double castors, hinges and pedals all convey a contemporary style for this compact traditional instrument.
Features include a resonant solid spruce engineered soundboard, light responsive action with all wood parts, braced back, sand-cast iron frame, German strings, vertically laminated maple bridge and synthetic ebony sharps.

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Zimmermann Z120

  • Model:
  • Dimensions: W:150cm | D:60cm | H:120cm
  • Special Price: 4,160.00

Zimmermann Z120 is a piano that is not just for beginners. The baby of the Zimmermann family, the Z120 meets several key criteria that beginners look for in a piano. For it is a sturdy, reliable instrument with a pleasant touch. Medium-sized, it offers more playing comfort and volume for the sound to unfold than a small piano. Designed with beginners in mind, it will easily fit into any living room. Its sleek design and meticulous processing just goes to show that it is built to last, while all of its quality features guarantee great playing pleasure. In a word: this piano is just the ticket for beginners and children alike.

The C.Bechstein research and developments facility in Germany draws upon the latest technology for developing new instruments. DESIGNED BY C.BECHSTEIN carries the heritage of the C.Bechstein brand top of the line instruments. The cast iron frame, stringing design and action assembly are all rooted in the European tradition. A strong, solid wooden back-frame with strong vertical bracing absorb the string tension and ensures the instrument has solidity, rich sonority and tuning stability.

The Chinese partner production manufacturing of the Zimmermann Z120 upright piano is controlled in-house by Bechstein quality control experts, who only grant the Bechstein quality seal to instruments that are truly worthy. The quality management system guarantees that, although it is particularly affordable, this piano for beginners boasts a quality that sets new benchmarks.

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Zimmermann Z126

  • Model:
  • Dimensions: W:150cm | D:60cm | H:126cm
  • Special Price: 4,620.00

Balanced proportions, mature technology, a pleasant touch and a rich voice make the Zimmermann Z126 upright piano a persuasive piano. Moreover, the Zimmermann Z126 upright piano features a restrained, timeless design that sets its above passing fashions.

The Zimmermann Z126 upright piano is the ideal instrument for first piano lessons. Beginners are often frightened by the prices of new pianos and purchase second-hand instruments. But this brings risks, for some defects may not be evident immediately. A new Zimmermann Z126 upright piano is a great alternative. All Zimmermann instruments, including the Zimmermann Z126 upright piano, undergo the Bechstein quality monitoring procedure: they are made by an exclusive Bechstein partner and inspected by Bechstein German specialists at the production site. The Bechstein seal of quality is only granted to faultless upright and grand pianos. The Bechstein quality management procedure guarantees that the Zimmermann Z126 upright piano is a first-choice instrument that will retain its value for a long time to come.

Available in high polish black polyester with brass fittings.

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