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With the upright, Model 130, you are effectively buying a 160 cm (5’3”) baby grand.  Unique to the market, you have the choice of three different mechanisms:

- the Classic version (130 K and all other models)
- 130 Professional Studio, with faster repetition and sostenuto
-130 PS-Repetition  with the addition of accelerated repetition in the bass register

This model was awarded the ‘world’s best’ prize for uprights in Paris. It is often chosen by music conservatories over factory-produced, studio grands, because it is technically their equal and has superior flexibility of sound.  Available upon request with stronger dampening for chamber music; also in Models 130 PS Professional Studio, K Classic and B Baroque, among others.


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Physical dimensions of the instrument

H: 130cm | W: 148cm | D: 63cm | Wt: 223Kg

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