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Practice / Teaching / Recording Studio

Practice Studio
We are able to offer practice facilities seven days a week in our soundproofed practice studio. While it is often used for teaching, we do have time slots available for you to come and practice on a well-maintained and tuned quality upright piano. The room will accommodate up to three people and is also equipped with recording devices so you can cut these onto a CD. This can be a great advantage if you have a piano lesson, and the teacher is happy to have that lesson recorded so you can revisit the lesson in your own home.

Recording Equipment
Calling all musicians, singers, film makers, actors and story tellers, teachers and students .... wordsmiths of sound and vision! We are delighted to announce that our practice and teaching studios have been transformed into intimate, professional recording spaces, offering a cost effective solution for productions for Voice Over, Sound editing, Sound design, and Audio Visual Recording.

As part of our continual development we are delighted to be able to offer the following services with our Recording suites :

  • Recording of Pianos / Piano Lessons
  • Recording of Voice Over to Picture / Film
  • Recording of Live Events
  • Recording of Live Instruments

The soundproofed Control room is equipped with ProTools running on MAC OSX, while the other acts as a slave recording room. Both studios offer quality upright pianos and seating.


Hourly rate pricing :

  • £5 Piano practice
  • £5 Addition for recording to CD (without engineer or editing)
  • £10 if teaching in the room
  • £90 Recording of voice over with engineer
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