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Yamaha Silent Upright Pianos

Yamaha is a pioneer of sound muting technology and currently offers two Silent Piano systems in their range; the SGII and the SH. Both use optical sensor technology for extremely realistic touch control and dynamic contrast and the sampling is taken from their world-renowned concert grand pianos. Various additional features include up to 19 sounds, USB connectivity and two headphone sockets


Yamaha B1 Silent SG2

B1 Silent SG2
  • Model: B1 Silent SG2
  • Dimensions: H: 109cm | W: 148cm | D: 54cm | Wt: 174Kg
Yamaha B1
This neat and compact piano has the SG2 Silent functionality featuring a ultra-realistic sample from the CFIIIS concert grand.
Suitability : Beginner to intermediate level.View Product

Yamaha B2 Silent SG2

B2 Silent SG2
  • Model: B2 Silent SG2
  • Dimensions: H : 113cm | W : 149cm | D : 53cm | Wt : 194Kg
Yamaha B2 Silent
This piano has the warmth and reponsiveness of the B1 but features a more traditional case design and brass castors. Available with Silent SG2 functionality.
Suitability : Beginner to intermediate level.View Product

Yamaha B3 Silent SG2

B3 Silent SG2
  • Model: B3 Silent SG2
  • Dimensions: H : 121cm | W : 152cm | D : 61cm | Wt : 237Kg
Yamaha B3 Silent
As a more affordable alternative to the U1 model, this piano has a specially designed soundboard and high grade hammers. Available with Silent SG2 functionality.

Suitability : Intermediate to advanced level.View Product

Yamaha U1 Silent SH

U1 Silent SH
  • Model: U1 Silent SH
  • Dimensions: H : 121cm | W : 153cm | D : 61cm | Wt : 228Kg
Yamaha U1 Silent SH
This 121cm high Japanese made work-horse is the definitive professional practice instrument and probably the highest selling upright made. Available with Silent SH functionality.
Suitability : Professional level.View Product
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