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The 2016 Markson Pianos Concert Series

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Published: 1 April 2016
Noah Markson

Around the Globe Piano Music Festival winners - Wednesday 27 April 2016 - 7pm

Its coming around to that time of year again; the cold harsh winter which seemed to go on forever is being pushed behind us. Time to spring in to the 2016 Markson Piano's concert series. Held in the fine acoustics of St. Mary Magdalene Church, for the past 7 years we have gradually gained a loyal audience of music lovers.

For our first concert of the new series we celebrate the tremendously talented winners of the 2015 Around the Globe Piano Music Festival with some of the contestants travelling from as far a Singapore.  The winners of different ages will play diverse styles, from classical to contemporary piano music. Highlights include John Bailey's modern rendition of Memorabilia, written by Serbian composer Ognjen Bogdanovic and a performance of a recently discovered manuscript of Alfred Schnittke Piano Preludes 1952/53. This is an event to be enjoyed by the whole family.

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