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Welcome and thank you for choosing to read our piano buyers guide. Before we begin to assist you in choosing a potential instrument, I would like to briefly explain, at the risk of seeming terribly immodest, why Simon Markson asked me to write this.

I have been involved in the piano business for over twenty-five years; having worked for this wonderful company for most of that time and seeing literally thousands of instruments come and go through their showroom doors and workshops. I have had the pleasure of advising countless clients from the absolute beginners to professionals, young and old, the famous and infamous. I am also a professional musician and have had the pleasure of playing with, and advising many fantastic instrumentalists and pianists including Howard Shelley and Vladimir Ashkenazy.

I will therefore aim to advise you, not only as a piano aficionado and salesman but also as a musician. It is so very easy with something as mechanically complex as an acoustic piano, to get bogged down in the numerous technicalities and pros and cons of this and that instrument but the important thing is to always remember first and foremost why you decided to consider buying/renting a piano in the first place. For me, music is the finest vehicle for self-expression and the piano arguably, its best tool!

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