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What we offer

Having been a veritable one-stop shop for over one hundred years, Markson Pianos can offer two particular advantages to you, the potential piano buyer. The first is that we have an on-site dedicated piano workshop with some of the most experienced tuners and technicians in the UK. Not only does this mean that we can 100% guarantee that every piano we hire or sell, whether new or pre-owned, is in optimum playing condition, but should any teething trouble arise in the future, we can remedy it promptly and without fuss. As we are also hiring many of our pianos to leading concert venues and music artists, it is essential that we have appropriate technical expertise. One of our longstanding tuners Gerry can be seen on an ident for The Royal Albert Hall (please see our YouTube link) and our workshop head technician is the preferred choice for many famous and illustrious musicians and recording artists. He has been known to travel as far as Dakar at a moment’s notice to prepare a piano for one of our clients. Having our workshop not only means that you have peace of mind knowing that your chosen piano will be in perfect order, but we can also offer complete or partial restorations on your existing instrument. We also offer smaller services such as a one-off or contract tuning, minor repairs and transport services.

The second major advantage we offer is that being a completely independent fourth-generation family business, we don’t have a particular allegiance or bias towards any one manufacturer and can therefore offer you complete impartiality. We have an unrivalled selection of new and pre-owned acoustic and digital pianos of all shapes and sizes, ages and at every price point. We can even offer you the service of having a piano commissioned from scratch and many interior designs and hotel companies continue to use us for customisations and bespoke instruments.

Our showroom also has a practice room and teaching facilities, and we can assist you in finding a suitable piano teacher from our extensive database.

I hope you have found this Buyers Guide useful and that it has at least answered a few of your questions about pianos. Although we will always try to help customers as much as possible when they enquire by phone or email, I will always say that the best thing is to visit us and simply try (or let us demonstrate) what we have to offer. We’re not pushy salesmen and appreciate the importance of making sure that you are happy in what is in many cases, a once in a lifetime piano buying decision. We are more than used to repeat visits (the record for me is certainly in the double digits) and will always assist you as much or as little as you require. If hopefully, you do decide to buy from us, we will always offer you assistance in the future, whether it’s simple aftercare, buyback purchase, transportation, or simply to chat about your piano and how you are getting on!

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