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Bechstein Art-Case Designs

Bechstein have developed their Art-Case Range of designer pianos manufactured to the highest standards. The classical designs are based on historic variations of the styles, and are avialble in a variety of different wood finishes.

The New Bechstein Sterling Design - Now available to order.....

Design and Concept

EmikoKato-Bosendorfer Grand

A Masterpiece....

C.Bechstein Sterling Grand

Inspired by the silversmiths Robbe & Berkin, this is just an absolutely stunning piece of craftsmanship.

Bechstein - Model B190

B190-Burr Walnut
  • Model: B190-Burr Walnut
  • Dimensions: L:190cm W:153cm Wt:351Kg

The Bechstein B 190 grand piano fulfils your most secret wishes: your fingers glide softly over well-balanced keys; you feel the sensuality and perfection of the keyboard and the action assembly. With this instrument in your music room, you experience the magic and elegance of the Bechstein world. The Bechstein B 190 grand piano offers not only a professional action, but also a remarkable voice that suits any musical style.

A source of exceptional musical pleasure, the Bechstein B 190 grand piano stands out with its clear sound and colourful timbre. Its pleasant touch results from the precision and excellent response of the action. Its convenient size makes it suitable for both private music rooms and small concert halls.

This particular model is available in an exquisite and very rare Burr Walnut finish.

C.Bechstein - Model L167

  • Model: L167-rosewood
  • Dimensions: L:167cm W:153cm Wt:318Kg

C. Bechstein grand piano L 167: a grand piano of the masterpiece series. The professional grand piano in the compact format. Despite its relatively small size, it allows the realisation of any musical idea in exquisite quality. All the features of the larger models are adjusted proportionally, including the Duplex Scala. The pleasant touch is unmistakably associated with sensitive, amazing sound resonance. Worldwide, this grand piano is regarded as having the finest and most professional sound among small premium models. In recent years, only C. Bechstein, Germany allowed itself the luxury of making sound and structural aspects of piano music's golden age come to life again. The conditions at the German manufacturing site creates out of each of these grand piano personalities a work in sound refinement. Here arises the magical sound that has charmed generations of great musicians.Bechstein links the tradition of great piano music history with the requirements of modern pianistics. Artistic and festival directors rave about the comeback of the great grand piano tonality. Pianists praise the smooth, precise and sparkling playability of C. Bechstein's masterpiece grand piano series. C. Bechstein grand pianos are forged by the elite of German piano building. For years, latest research has examined and tested the optimization of materials and production in minutest detail. Be inspired every day, C. Bechstein instruments are balm for the ear, heart, eye and hand.

This piano is finished in a beautiful and rare Rosewood case veneer.

C Bechstein - Model B212 White

B212 - White Polyester
  • Model: B212 - White Polyester
  • Dimensions: L:212cm W:153cm Wt:379Kg

The C. Bechstein B 212 grand piano is a grand piano for the professional, connoisseur and ambitious player who wants the very best. This model was developed by the C. Bechstein research and development department, with exactly the same re-designed successful features possessed by concert grand pianos C 234 and D 282. Its sound range is unparalleled and it is perfect for large rooms and educational environments. The secrets of production: C.Bechstein has a wealth of experience in the top grand piano making: In production, highest mastery is applied to energy conserving for the sound to unfold and develop beautifully as well as to optimal tension in the right place. The gluing in of the sounding board is done after the outer rim has been glued around the inner rim - this increases the soundboard elasticity. The soundboards of the C. Bechstein masterpiece grand piano series are vibrating tone membranes that lets every sound become a lasting experience. The redesign of the cast iron plate optimizes the sound duration and the energy. Seven to nine quality wood layers for the pin block allow an even finer torque quality. The German C. Bechstein concert grand piano factory also manufactures the C. Bechstein B 212 grand piano with the highest quality in every detail.

This piano is in a beautiful white polyester with brass marquetry and interestingly carved ornaments.


C.Bechstein - M192 Intarsia

192 - Intarsia
  • Model: 192 - Intarsia
  • Dimensions: L:192cm W:153cm Wt:351Kg

The C. Bechstein M/P 192 grand piano conveys all that the pianist's heart desires; a wonderful color spectrum, powerful bass, singing treble, flawless register transitions, professional touch. Medium-sized yet powerful, this grand piano is geared for the most demanding customers for world-class instruments, musical connoisseurs or for higher education. Its design concept is similar in all production details to the quality criteria of the concert grand pianos. There is nothing comparable in its class. This is the grand piano of the university professors, studios and the work rooms of professionals and amateurs. The ideal proportions also make it suitable for private homes.A grand piano of the masterpiece series that is individualy manufactured takes years until its completion. Its noble components retain their tension and vibration characteristics for a lifetime.

This piano has beautiful inlaid wood marquetry in a polished mahogany finish.

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