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Bösendorfer has been working with renowed architects and designers since the 19th century creating fabulous designs to house these incredible instruments. Since all Bosendorfer pianos are built by hand, this gives the flexibility in design and technology as has been utilised by Porsche, and Audi in the construction of these concept instruments.

The Piano Design Handbook compiled by Bosendorfer in conjunction with the New Design University in Austria summarises some of the experiences in construction and design of these custom made instruments

For those who are so inclined, and have the resources, Bosendorfer will gladly work with you to design your own piano and advise you on the necessary steps for its construction.

Design and Concept

EmikoKato-Bosendorfer Grand

Bosendorfer - Model Artisan

  • Model: Artisan
  • Dimensions:

The Bosendorfer Artisan Designer grand piano
The Bösendorfer Artisan model, a stunning display of fine hand inlay techniques, is a beautiful work of art even before a single note has been played. As long ago as the second millennium BC, inlaid work featuring geometric and figurative designs was produced in the Orient as facing for very special objects. The design hallmark of the Artisan is its discreet floral ornamentation worked – by hand, of course – with a variety of excellent woods such as walnut, maple, pear-wood, cherry-wood, mahogany, aruba and burr amboyna. For as long as anyone can remember, creative minds in all walks of life have grappled with art’s great mystery and the question of what makes art art? The Bösendorfer Artisan model could – by its very name – symbolise the quest for the great mystery of art.

Bosendorfer - Model Chopin

  • Model: Chopin
  • Dimensions:

The Bosendorfer Chopin Designer grand piano
“The piano is my second self” declared Frédéric Chopin. He certainly knew what he was talking about; almost his entire oeuvre was composed for the piano. To mark the 150th anniversary of Chopin’s death, we created an exclusive masterpiece using the superior technical workmanship for which Bösendorfer pianos are renowned. Many of the lovingly crafted carvings were inspired by pianos on which Chopin played during his tour of England and Scotland in 1848. These beautiful details reflect the care lavished by English piano builders on producing their works of art. The name board of this piano has a hand-engraved plaque in gold-plated solid silver, which features the composer’s signature. This model is available in a variety of sizes, veneers and finishes. Our Chopin model is an investment with a truly unique character.

Bosendorfer - Model Senator

  • Model: Senator
  • Dimensions:
The Bosendorfer Senator Designer grand piano
The exceptionally majestic casework of the Bösendorfer Senator model is created by using a combination of two different woods. The external wall, the lid and the fallboard are in polished pyramid mahogany with pear-wood inlays. Our pyramid mahogany is sourced from controlled forest concession areas in West Africa where mature mahogany trunks are felled in keeping with forestry practices. Rough pyramids are created from suitable forks in the wood at the sawmill. Veneers made from this wood are particularly beautiful because of the unique smooth cut and the striking, decorative pyramid design which reflects the light. Over time, the initial light red to reddish-brown colouring darkens to the characteristic warm mahogany tone with its golden shimmer. For centuries, mahogany has been an elegant and expressive wood for fine period furniture. The superb workmanship of this noble wood by Bösendorfer turns every instrument into an individual masterpiece. The Bösendorfer Senator model is as individual as you are.

Bosendorfer - Model Strauss

Johann Strauss
  • Model: Johann Strauss
  • Dimensions:

The Bosendorfer Johann Strauss Designer grand piano
Viennese musical history and the Bösendorfer piano factory are inextricably linked. Instruments made by Bösendorfer, the imperial and royal supplier of pianos, were owned not only by royalty and the nobility, but also by the great musicians of their day, including Johann Strauss II.
Johann Strauss’s formal title was “court ball director”, but he was more popularly known as the “waltz king”. With Strauss’s music, the popularity of the Viennese waltz spread rapidly. Austria came to be identified with this music – and still is today. The “Blue Danube”, for instance, composed by Strauss in 1867, is Austria’s unofficial national anthem.
The Johann Strauss model produced by Bösendorfer today is inspired by the instrument on which the great master wrote his compositions, which is still in the Strauss memorial rooms in Vienna.
With this instrument you are acquiring a piece of Viennese musical history.

Bosendorfer - Model Vienna

  • Model: Vienna
  • Dimensions:

The Bosendorfer Vienna Designer grand piano
Vienna and music are inseparable. Vienna is inextricably linked with Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Haydn, Franz Schubert, Arnold Schoenberg, to name just a few. World-famous concepts such as the Viennese waltz, the Vienna Boys’ Choir and the Vienna Philharmonic epitomise Vienna’s image as the music capital of the world. Vienna is also the city where Ignaz Bösendorfer founded his company on 25 July 1828 after completing his apprenticeship as a piano builder. The company has always kept one thing close to its heart: the determination to build the best grand pianos in the world.
We view the Bösendorfer Vienna model as a homage to the city which loves and lives music like no other city in the world. With its fine carved and inlay work in the noblest materials, amboyna wood veneer and 19th-century inspired stylistic features, this grand piano combines the very roots of musicality with 21st-century technical and craftsman expertise.

Bosendorfer - Model Porsche

  • Model: Porsche
  • Dimensions:

The Bosendorfer Porsche Designer grand piano
In close cooperation with the world-famous Porsche Design company, we have created a masterpiece, a contemporary approach to grand piano design. In keeping with the Bösendorfer motto – “cherish traditions, transcend limits” – this new interpretation incorporates ground-breaking new features that will have a lasting impact on the development of grand piano design. While the body of the instrument has maintained its traditional curved form, a thinner, lighter lid is inserted flush into the piano rim. The lid is made of a lightweight high-tech honeycomb material allowing it to be opened and close by a gas spring mechanism. The hinged front portion of the lid has been replaced by the front crosscover into which a fold-out music desk has been inserted. The sound volume can be adjusted by means of two aluminium sliders placed on either side of the music desk. The music shelf is also made of aluminium. The simple shape of the lyre, which resembles a fourth leg, is of equally serene elegance, combining form and function in a masterly fashion.
Aesthetics and sound in step with their times. Welcome to the 21st century.

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