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Designer Pianos

Not only is a piano a wonderful vehicle for self expression, but also a beautiful piece of furniture. However, due to increasing production costs and the diminishing availability of exotic woods and veneers, the vast majority of new pianos today are built in a standard modern or traditional shape, and in a polished ebony finish.

However, for the more adventurous of us, there are a select group of manufacturers who specialize in creating pianos in unique designs and shapes to suit bespoke environments. Bosendorfer in particular create exquisite pianos such as their Chrysler and Klimt limited edition models, as well as teaming up with other prestige manufacturers such as Porsche and Audi to create inspired instruments.

We can also offer pianos housed in perspex, Louis XVI inspired styles, pianos in the shape of fish, Chinese lacquer and many other unique visual choices.

We were recently commissioned to produce an Art Deco inspired piano for a leading design company and are always happy to discuss your particular requirements

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