The Yamaha Disklavier Grand Portfolio

Yamaha Disklavier System

Although many people love to hear the sound of a piano being played by a consummate artist, not everyone has the time or inclination to develop their own virtuoso technique. Although you are no doubt familiar with the foot operated pianola pianos of old, ‘Player’ pianos now use highly sophisticated solenoid and MIDI technology to acoustically recreate a piano piece or song. A catalogue of literally thousands of songs can be downloaded or purchased on CD disk form and these can be further enhanced by stereo accompaniment through speakers housed underneath the sounding-board of the instrument.

Yamaha ‘Disklavier’ upright and grand pianos have an exhaustive array of options which can be commanded by your Ipad including record and silent options. Bosendorfer have their ‘Ceus’ system which is considered to house the most sophisticated playback technology currently on the market whilst PianoDisc have a huge range of retrofit options to cater for your pre-existing grand or upright piano.

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