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Education / Institution Gallery

Markson Advisory Service

For Schools, Churches and other Institutions

Free evaluation, survey & report


  • Assessment of existing instruments:
  • Making recommendation on viability for repair/restoration with cost:
  • Structural/Mechanism/Casework:
  • A-frames, Toe Kits, Safety Brackets:

Discuss requirements for provisions of instruments, taking into consideration:

  • Budget
  • Space Issues
  • Room acoustics & sound absorption (ceiling height, flooring)
  • Manoeuvrability & maintenance
  • Specific requirements such as quality of sound, touch, appearance, size, make & model of pianos & accessories
    *** Call to book your free appointment (within Home Counties) with Julian or Simon on 0808 506 4260 ***


Some of the Educational establishments we have the pleasure to work with

The list of educational institutions we supply both with pianos, and with ongoing services is manifold, so we only list a few to help you decide that we are premier education suppliers
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