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Kiss of The Earth

  • Posted on 24 January, 2015
  • By An - Ting
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Today, we had the joy of visiting Markson Pianos, our exclusive London sponsor for Kiss of the Earth production. Located within a throw of Great Portland Street Station, we were warmly greeted by Simon Markson, the current partner of the three-generation family business.

Walking into the shop front was a visit to heaven for pianists and piano enthusiasts- one step inside and we were surrounded by all kinds of pianos. From concert grand pianos, upright pianos to digital pianos, Markson Pianos stock a wide range of brands, from Bechstein, Yamaha, Kawai, Hoffman, Zimmerman, and many more. From top-of-the-range concert grands to beautiful pianos that combine quality with affordability, there is a piano for everyone in the shop.

Upon spotting a colourful collection of pre-owned pianos, Simon pointed out that Markson Pianos not only offer a wide range of new pianos, but also an eclectic range of restored pre-owned pianos. Simon gave us an overview of which colour and type of finishes were in fashion through the different eras. While chestnut and brown colours were in fashion in the 70s, today, more than 80% of the pianos sold are in black finish.

On this note, we asked if we could catch some of the restoration staff in action. Simon led us to Markson Pianosí workshop, where we were greeted with more warm smiles and the gorgeous wooden smell of pianos. As we observed the technicians expertly handle the hammers of the piano, we found out that all Markson Pianosí technicians had been trained in the factories of piano manufactures such as Yamaha and Bechstein. Markson Pianos also run their own in-house training and development sessions for their technicians and staff.

Whilst in the workshop, we noticed a line of grand pianos ready to be picked up for delivery. Simon informed us these are pianos that have been booked for event and concert hires. We later found out that Markson Pianos is also the sole piano supplier to Royal Albert Hall, along with being the piano supplier to National Theatre, all the Royal Palaces, most West End theatres, and for high profile TV studios and films. This is extremely enlightening, as Markson Pianos is also very community-friendly and supplies pianos to hire for parties and functions at a very reasonable price. For those wishing to learn the piano, Markson Pianos also provide smaller-size grand and upright pianos for home-hire, some of which have silent functions for those whose neighbours have a keen hearing!

For our Kiss of the Earth show, Markson Pianos has generously supplied the beautiful C3 Yamaha Grand Piano. Naturally, we hopped onto a Yamaha C3 in the shop to check it out. The remainder of the afternoon involved us going around Markson Pianos trialling individual pianos like children in a candy store!

To catch one of Markson Pianosí beautiful instruments in action, Markson Pianos run a concert series at St. Mary Magdalene Church near Regentís Place from April to October each year. The line-up of superb artists perform a diverse range of programmes ranging from classical, jazz, to contemporary music on Markson Pianosí Yamaha CF3S Concert Grand. The very affordable £6 ticket also includes a glass of wine!

Alternatively, you may also hear one of Markson Pianosí instruments at our Kiss of the Earth performance on 4th-7th February (Cockpit Theatre), 22nd February (Greenwich Theatre), and 28th February (Stratford Arts House)!

China Life - After Dark Evening

  • Posted on 10 October, 2014
  • By Simon Markson
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We are taking part in an unusual event in Camden High Street. No, it‘s not busking on the street near the tube !.
China life, a pioneer in introducing Chinese medicine to the UK, is introducing after dark events and kicking off with a very special evening of beautiful Spanish & Italian songs , arias and piano music. Of course on one of our Yamaha baby grands!

Opera singer,Louisa Beard and concert pianist,Kentaro Nagai, will serenade you whilst you sip speciality teas and alcoholic cocktails.
Switch off your phones and reconnect with yourself and those around you. Tickets are just £15 and includes 1 free cocktail.

Please book in advance at chinalife tea house or by calling 0207 388 6704 option 3. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, 23rd October at 8.30pm at 99 Camden High Street NW1 7JN.

Space is limited and there is a special present for the first 30 who book a place. Don‘t forget to tell all your friends!
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