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We are delighted to network and form strong working relationships with like-minded people in our industry. These symbiotic relationships strengthen the music community and promote music to people from all walks of life; be they children starting their life-long journey accompanied by music, to the more seasoned either returning to their love of music, or even just having the time to start a new past-time.

Lola Perrin - Composer in Residence

Lola Perrin Lola Perrin is a USA born composer, pianist, publisher and Composer/Teacher in Residence at Markson Pianos. She has two CDs on general release, published nine piano books, performed extensively in Europe and USA and recently wrote an award winning live score to Sjöström's 1928 film The Wind. She is currently working on our forthcoming PianoDay London to be held in 2015.

Lola works tirelessly to promote her works, other composers and musicians, and Markson Pianos through many different media streams. She has featured on many radio broadcasts, newspaper articles, and throughout the press and has been a huge asset to our business.

Louisa Beard - Premium pianos bespoke service

Louisa Beard "With over 10 years experience in the piano business my objective is to offer a unique music experience to the customer with advice on how to choose a piano including custom made pianos, Bechstein, Steingraeber, Bösendorfer and Yamaha"

Louisa brings a different buying perspective to the Premium Piano market, and we have a dedicated area for this experience which can be found on our Premium Piano Purchase page

Premium Piano Experience


WKMT delivers piano lessons in London to students of all levels and ages. Our signature piano tuition approach is supported by our three-dimensional teaching structure. WKMT has more than ten years of experience in channelling musical creativity. Our Buenos Aires-born director and founder is an active London composer and concert pianist. His approach to music is entirely revolutionary. Professional Equestrian Rider and Classical Architecture Enthusiast, Juan Rezzuto manages and helps pianists from the UK and around the world. His experience and excellent education define him as the ideal mentor for anyone looking to get fully immersed in the dynamic and inspiring world of music.

Location : 40 Kensington Hall Gardens, Beaumont Avenue, London W14 9LT

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