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Bosendorfer Company Profile

Bosendorfer, the famous Viennese piano maker, ranks as one of the oldest and finest in the world. Using the highest quality materials and utilising their unique resonating case concept which treats the entire instrument as a sounding body, Bosendorfer pianos are greatly admired by the most discerning musician and concert artist. On their website is an exhaustive list of Bosendorfer players and previous owners which include legendary names from Franz Liszt, Johannes Brahms and Oscar Peterson to Michael Jackson and ABBA.

Bosendorfer also produce models in unique finishes and designs including the striking Porsche and Audi as well as the famous limited edition Klimt and Chrysler grands.


  • Bosendorfer Upright Pianos - New
  • Model : 120
  • Dimensions : L: 151cm | W: 65cm | H: 120cm | Wt: 262Kg
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Bosendorfer 120CL
The smaller of the two Bosendorfer uprights but by no means inferior in quality.

Suitability : Professional level.
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  • Bosendorfer Upright Pianos - New
  • Model : 130
  • Dimensions : L: 152cm | W: 64cm | H: 132cm | Wt: 264Kg
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Bosendorfer 130
Many believe that the Bosendorfer Model 130CL sounds like a grand piano. They are also convinced that it is simply the best upright piano in the world.
Suitability : Professional quality instrument.
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