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In 2003 the company in Vienna began the production of pianos with production partners HAILUN PIANO CO. LTD. in Ningbo, China. The Hailun factory is regarded as the finest and most sophisticated piano production facility in China. Thanks to their top-of-the-range equipment, they are able to produce the entire range of products needed in piano building, and are in high demand as a supplier to many of the world's best known piano brands. The Model 122-Universal was the first piano to be produced entirely at the HAILUN production facility in Ningbo. From August 2003 onwards, the model is sold worldwide and in 2007 is honoured with the prestigious Diapason d'or prize in Paris.

It is of particular note that many of the excellent grand pianos developed over recent years have already received several prizes for their outstanding quality, and thanks to the careful preparation and the many innovations behind each piano, they easily out-perform many pianos at a much higher price point


  • Feurich Upright Pianos - New
  • Model : 115
  • Dimensions : H : 115cm | W : 146cm | D: 60cm | Wt : 212Kg
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Thanks to many innovations, the FEURICH 115-Premiere gets a larger-than-life sound from an instrument of this size

Suitability : Beginner to high intermediate level.
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  • Feurich Upright Pianos - New
  • Model : 122
  • Dimensions : H : 122cm | W : 152cm | D: 60cm | Wt : 220Kg
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A prize-winning best seller. With sophisticated technical components and elegant design, this upright overshadows many small grand pianos.
Suitability: Beginner to Intermediate
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