Wilh. Steinberg Model S125

The Wilh.Steinberg S125 Upright Piano is an exceptional instrument from the Signature range of Wilh. Steinberg. Made with all of the expertise and experience of the most professional piano manufacturers, this German piano exhibits a wonderfully colourful sound, and a diverse tonal range. Significantly larger than other models in the range, the S125 is the perfect size for all musicians, claiming a larger footprint and demanding a little more space than the S117. With impressive design and ideal construction, the Wilh. Steinberg S125 upright piano can create a finely, nuanced sound, with rich and powerful tonal qualities.

What we like
● Handcrafted and finished in Eisenberg, Germany
● Made with Renner hammer heads with FFW felt
● Reliable function and precision when played
● Elegant, simplistic design
● Kluge Keyboard
● Finest Alaskan spruce soundboard included


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What you should know about Wilh. Steinberg S125 Upright Piano

Wilh. Steinberg is a German piano manufacturer with over 135 years of excellence in the trade. Their pianos are widely regarded as the leading instruments for both players and institutions alike. After each piano is made, they are tuned, regulated and voiced by German
technicians, for their distinct and beautiful sound. Wilh. Steinberg instruments exude elegance, being built with high quality components and made by master piano craftsmen.

The Wilh. Steinberg S125 Upright Piano is part of the Signature range desired by the world’s top collectors. From the design process to production, each part is carefully supervised by German expert craftsmen, and manufactured in Wilh Steinberg’s factory in Germany. Equipped with three pedals, and a full 88 keys, this piano is suitable for all levels of pianists. With a highly responsive Kluge keyboard fitted, and Alaskan spruce soundboard, this model has an unbeatable quality of sound. The Wilh. Steinberg S125 was specifically designed to
meet all of the needs of the performer, with greater resonance and projection for an improved playing experience.

The S125 upright piano is made with a beautifully modern yet simplistic design, finished with brass detailing for a stunning, striking appearance. In addition, this model is available for purchase in various finishes, ready to suit your style and home.


Height of 125 cm
Depth of 65 cm
Width of 145 cm
Weight of kg

A bit on Wilh. Steinberg’s history

Since its establishment during the height of Germany‘s piano making days, Wilh. Steinberg has still managed to maintain its indisputable status. Wilh. Steinberg‘s pianos embrace classic and elegant designs and produce the most impressive musical quality, guaranteeing it a place in history as one of the most successful piano makers. Over 135 years of piano making heritage has been built on the precious passing on of experience and expertise gained by generation after generation of master craftsmen. Craftsmen, who have toiled to harmonise modern piano making techniques with traditional ones to ensure that the musical perfection and production quality of Wilh. Steinberg pianos remains an ongoing legacy. Wilh. Steinberg Pianos are reputed in inheriting handcraft piano-making tradition. Combining modern technology, Wilh. Steinberg pianos have accomplished an outstanding success. Inheriting the legendary achievement has become one of the most important topics for Wilh. Steinberg. Eisenberg has already established its own piano-making experience over 135years, which guarantees perfect German pianos for every customer with satisfaction by its reliable performance, outstanding touch and convenient care.

Free First Tuning

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