Yamaha Model C1X Grand Piano

The Yamaha C1X Grand Piano produces an exceptional sound for its small size. It has a compact design, making it suitable for domestic use because it can fit into smaller interiors. Its sleek lines and stunning design create a sophisticated look at a more affordable price than larger grand pianos. With expertly crafted hammers, strings and soundboard, the Yamaha C1X grand piano produces rich sound which resonates powerfully. This model is beautifully balanced, with highly-responsive action and a full tone that all pianists will love. Also available in Traffic Light Red.

What we like

● Perfect for domestic use
● Available for purchase in a variety of finishes
● Fully functioning sostenuto pedal
● Three-position lid prop
● Wide music desk

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What you should know about Yamaha C1X Grand Piano

The Yamaha C1X Grand Piano is a beautiful model from the CX Series, with an enriching tenor and upper registers. It is a popular instrument, with bespoke hammers and a light, responsive touch that all players enjoy. At a smaller, compact size, this piano is a 5’3 baby grand piano that is perfect for domestic use and will fit into smaller spaces. However, its mini exterior in no way limits its sound, because this piano is wonderfully balanced, with great resonance. The Yamaha C1X has a wide range of capabilities, making it appealing for both the piano enthusiast and the professional. Not only this, the C1X model is good-looking, with a stunning sleek design. In addition, this baby grand piano also has a thick back frame with improved support, expert craftsmanship and high-quality components that promise a long-lasting build. The C1X model from Yamaha has exceptional hammers and a durable soundboard with stunning acoustic characteristics for an expressive sound.

The Yamaha C1X grand piano is also available as a Silent piano, Disklavier or TransAcoustic instrument.


  • Height of 101 cm
  • Depth of 161 cm
  • Width of 149 cm
  • Weight of 290 kg


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