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The Journey Begins.....

Where do I start

Looking for a piano can be like going on a voyage of discovery, an adventure that may result in a lifelong friend. Pianos may not take on the character of their owners, but often their owners become very sentimental about their pianos.

The first steps on this journey require just a few simple questions.

Buy or Hire?

Hiring a piano is an ideal short to medium term option - for someone (young or more seasoned) just starting out, a music student needing a practice instrument during term time, the temporarily domiciled, or simply making a good quality piano financially accessible.

On the other hand, a piano is so meticulously crafted that it really is for life, and contributes to making a house into a home, and unlike many products in our throw-away society, it has an enduring value.

Acoustic or Digital?

We don't have an old fashioned approach to this question. There is a place for digitals where space is limited, budgets are constrained, and multi-functional technology rules, and no worries about disturbing the neighbours.
However, it is impossible for a digital piano to replicate the touch and sound of a real piano.
Hybrid pianos offer the best of both worlds in terms of tone, touch, digital interface, and silent facility. Acoustic pianos hold their value better than digitals and last much longer.

Upright or Grand?

The criteria for this is often based on space available, access, budget, performance criteria and aesthetics.
String length is integral to better tonal quality, and often a good quality upright piano will have a better sound than a baby grand. An upright piano represents a compromise, as it relies on an escapement action rather than the natural gravity of the hammers and dampers in a grand.

Boudoir grand pianos far better serve the accomplished and discerning pianist.

New or Secondhand?

A secondhand piano might be pre-loved, but was it looked after? The cost of a secondhand piano will depend not just on its quality, age, and design, but its condition.
Full restoration is expensive and a proper evaluation is essential. Almost new pianos at different price bands are readily available and can be directly compared with similar new pianos on our floor.
Space constraints, design preference, casework finish, price, and tonal quality all influence the decision making.

Do we provide a structural / mechanical guarantee and after sales service, and how long will it last ?

YES - 5 year guarantee on all new AND secondhand pianos, subject to terms and conditions.

Will you receive sufficient advice on whether to buy or hire an acoustic or digital piano suitable for your needs and requirements ?

YES - you will receive unbiased information from our highly experienced and knowledgable Sales Team

Prior to despatch is each piano carefully prepared and tuned by a skilled and qualified technician ?

YES - ALL our pianos are thoroughly checked before they leave our workshop. They will have been regulated to fine tolerances, and will have received at least two tunings - one to ensure the piano is at concert pitch (A440) and the pins have been set firmly, and the second to fine tune the instrument.

Will you receive a written guide regarding the care and maintenance of your piano and free advice ?

YES - accompanying your invoice, you will receive a written pamphlet setting out some sound advice for the care of your piano

Am I obliged or tied in to any service / tuning or insurance contracts ?

This is entirely optional, but it is advisable since we offer the highest standard of service regarding tuning, maintenance, and on-going support.

Do you offer the opportunity to part-exchange my existing piano, or provide a disposal service ?

YES - we will offer you a fair price for your existing piano subject to inspection, or arrange for its safe disposal under government legislation.

Will my piano be delivered by skilled and trained piano movers who are fully insured ?

Our Public Liability Insurance covers up to £10 milliion, for ALL eventualities regarding the delivery of pianos. Our delivery teams are extremely experienced, and trained to a very high level so you can be sure your piano and your property will be treated with the utmost care.

How long has your Company been established, and are you members of any recognised Trade Organisations ?

We have been piano specialists since 1910, offering quality pianos and associated services at great prices. We are members and contributors to various trade organisations including the Piano Tuners Association, The Music Industries Association, etc
Company No: 1735450
 VAT No : GB505 8898 09
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