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The 2016 Markson Pianos Concert Series: Daniel Grimwood

Published: 1 July 2016
Noah Markson




Daniel Grimwood - Wednesday 27th July 2016 - 7pm

Schubert Sonatas with a twist.

One of the most original musicians of his generation, with a repertoire ranging from Elizabethan Virginal music to composers of the modern day. Daniel is a pianist of rare versatility, whose exceptional talent is internationally renowned.

Although primarily a pianist, he is frequently to be found performing on harpsichord, organ, viola or composing at his desk. Grimwood is a passionate exponent of the early piano, and has given a recital of Chopin’s Etudes on the composer’s own Pleyel piano.

Join us after the concert for a complimentary glass of wine or non-alcoholic beverage.

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