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Royal Albert Hall

Royal Albert Hall

We have been official piano partners with the Royal Albert Hall for over 40 years. Our Yamaha S6  refinished in Traffic Light red for Sir Elton John, is currently housed in the Elgar Rooms and is a part of the Royal Albert Hall tour and featured throughout the Late Night Jazz series among other annual events.

Location : Kensington Gore, London, SW7 2AP


020 7101 4479

Piano lessons London | WKMT | Piano teachers in London (

WKMT delivers piano lessons in London to students of all levels and ages. Our signature piano tuition approach is supported by our three-dimensional teaching structure. WKMT has more than ten years of experience in channelling musical creativity. Our Buenos Aires-born director and founder is an active London composer and concert pianist. His approach to music is entirely revolutionary. Professional Equestrian Rider and Classical Architecture Enthusiast, Juan Rezzuto manages and helps pianists from the UK and around the world. His experience and excellent education define him as the ideal mentor for anyone looking to get fully immersed in the dynamic and inspiring world of music.

Location : 40 Kensington Hall Gardens, Beaumont Avenue, London W14 9LT

The Travellers Club

The Travellers Club is a private gentleman’s club situated at 106 Pall Mall in London. It is the oldest of the surviving Pall Mall Clubs and one of the most exclusive, having been established in 1819. 

We have provisioned a John Broadwood 5’6″grand Art Case designed by architect Sir Charles Allom in 1903.

106 Pall Mall, St. James’s, London SW1Y 5EP

Photo credit: Katerina Mina, soprano and pianist.