Best 88-Key Digital Keyboards To Buy In 2022

Publish Date: 12 February 2020

Not everybody has the space, or budget, to accommodate a grand piano which is why many opt for a portable solution like an 88-key digital keyboard.

It is electronic alternative that is ideal for those looking to replicate the sound of a piano while also benefiting from the reduced size and increased functionality of a keyboard.

Here we discuss what we believe to be the best 88-key digital keyboards on the market this year whether you’re new to pianos or wanting to upgrade an existing model.

Yamaha Digital CLP series

At Markson Pianos, we offer a selection of models from the Yamaha Digital CLP Series in a range of colours.

Each example in the Clavinova series features absorbent synthetic ivory keys that make playing for any length of time feel natural and enjoyable while effortlessly bringing the sound of an acoustic piano into your home.

The keys in the CLP series are designed to accurately replicate the delicate touch of acoustic ones, creating an authentic experience.

Yamaha has made this a central part of its design, sampling sounds directly from two of the most renowned concert grand pianos; the Bosendorfer Imperial and the Yamaha CFX.

Using their innovative binaural sampling technology, the entire CLP series allows you to enjoy a wide range of expression and to feel as if you are playing a grand piano.

Examples in the range are ideal for those that have sound quality at the top of a list of priorities.

A simple design makes them accessible for beginners as well as experienced grand piano players who are looking for a similar grand-like feel that gives them total control over the intricate points of performance.

If you want to discover more about the Yamaha Digital CLP series sold by Markson Pianos, take a look here.

Kawai Digital ES110

Another of our personal favourites for 2020 is undoubtedly the Kawai Digital ES110.

Released initially in 2017, it has since become one of the most coveted and popular additions to Kawai’s digital piano series.

This model seamlessly combines authentic keyboard action and piano sound technologies in an affordable and portable keyboard.

Kawai has a reputation across the world for the authenticity of its instruments, and this model conforms to expectations with a sustain pedal and a lectern included as part of a range of features.

It is an updated version and successor to the best-selling ES100 with a new Responsive Hammer Compact keyboard action and the firm’s unique Harmonic Imaging technology delivering a realistic and highly-enjoyable musical experience.

Live players will also appreciate dedicated line out jacks for sound reinforcement, while built-in Bluetooth capability facilitates connection with smart devices and computers.

It is an ideal choice for all skill levels, but particularly for beginners wanting to understand and experience playing the piano.

Equally, its realistic acoustic touch will appeal to more experienced players looking for a more compact piano solution.

The superb keyboard action, combined with a stunning array of grand piano sounds as well as the more modern, digital features, creates an amazing, compact instrument that can be used for all occasions and abilities.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Kawai Digital ES110 model, then take a look here.

88-Key Digital Keyboards at Markson Pianos

At Markson Pianos, we are proud to offer a comprehensive array of digital pianos from leading manufacturers which would be ideal for the passionate pianist who wants all of the benefits in terms of rich sound and beautiful style of an acoustic piano, but at a fraction of the price and with a whole host of additional functionality to explore.

If you want to know more about our 88-key keyboards or other digital pianos in our range, then Bosendorfer today or pop into our London piano showroom to give them a try.

Our piano showroom in the UK capital was founded more than a century ago, and we continue to specialise in the sale of acoustic, digital and grand pianos.