Digital Piano vs. Stage Piano vs. Keyboard

Publish Date: 16 May 2019
piano playing

You’ve been going to piano lessons for a while now, and you’re hooked. You really want to buy a piano but are a bit pushed for space at home, so you’ve decided to buy an electronic piano. But you’re undecided which one to choose.

There are three types of pianos: digital pianos, stage pianos and keyboard. Each has its own benefits, including the added benefit that none of them ever require tuning!

Here are a few points to remember when you go shopping for an electronic piano.

Digital Piano

Digital pianos are the closest option to an acoustic or grand piano. They have the same features as a real piano, but with the added benefits of digital effects, like string instruments and computer connectivity with a spot for your USB stick. They have hundreds of different electronic and synthesised tones, and typically have built-in speakers and weighted keys.

The sound quality of a digital piano is often better than a keyboard, but not as good as a stage piano.

Stage Piano

Stage pianos are designed for use in a studio and on a stage. The main difference between a stage piano and a digital piano is they generally don’t have built-in speakers and need to be connected to an amplifier. They usually have a larger range of high-quality effects and sounds.

Stage pianos are easy to deliver, fitting into most cars.


Keyboards are for anyone from beginners to intermediate piano players. They have a wide range of instrumental sounds, like the violin, pipe organ and synthesiser tones.

Make sure you ask for a keyboard that is velocity-sensitive, meaning you can play as loud or soft as you like based on how hard you hit the keys.

Unsure Which Type of Piano to Choose?

For more advice on buying an electronic piano, contact Markson Pianos. Our London-based piano experts have been selling the full range of electronic, acoustic and grand pianos for over one hundred years, and we can help determine the right option for you.