Features of Wilh Steinberg pianos

Publish Date: 28 March 2020

Wilh Steinberg are a renowned German piano maker with an impressive 135 years of piano-making heritage. In recent years, the company has expanded its range of pianos to create high quality, competitively priced and elegantly designed instruments. Here we will be discussing some of the coveted craftsmanship and features of Wilh Steinberg pianos

Röslau Piano Strings

One of the most notable features of Wilh Steinberg pianos is without doubt the Röslau strings. Their high performance and sound quality have made them an industry favourite, but it is their tensile strength that truly sets them apart. When compared to other strings in the same class, Röslau strings exhibit 10% greater tensile strength. This is particularly important for seasoned pianists as it allows for exceptional sound whilst making them less likely to deform or change from the stress of playing over time.

German Kluge Keyboards

It is the German Kluge keyboards that guarantee the distinctive and memorable sound quality of every Wilh Steinberg piano. As the world’s most renowned and traditional piano key manufacturer, Kluge designs the perfect keyboard for every grand and upright piano. The black keys on each Wilh Steinberg piano are made from ebony that has a density of up to 1.3g /cm3 and is able to create a much smoother and comfortable feel.

German Renner Hammers

Wilh Steinberg pianos use solely German Renner Hammers due to their incredible resonance and ability to provide superior sound quality and robustness you can feel when playing. By strict selection, each and every one of Wilh Steinberg pianos uses solid spruce wood sourced from Alaska in the USA. These spruce logs then undergo a complicated process of drying and storage before being remodelled into the various intricate components. The finished soundboard is then subjected to a rigorous series of quality checks before ever being transformed into the final instrument.

Hammer Felt

Another notable feature of Wilh Steinberg pianos is the high-quality German hammer felt from Renner. Renner is known globally for selecting the best wool from only the happiest sheep to ensure it is of the finest quality. To then ensure optimum tonal performance, every hammer is voiced by experienced German technicians at the Eisenberg factory.

Renner Action

Wilh Steinberg pianos each use actions also made by Renner which contain an average of 8,800 wood, metal and felt components. Renner is Germany’s sole action producer and is noted for their unparalleled craftsmanship and exceptional quality materials to produce only the very finest piano actions. Over the 125 years of Wilh Steinberg, the company has produced a staggering 3 million+ grand pianos and upright pianos using Renner’s actions.

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