Five Reasons Why You Should Hire Professional Piano Removers

Publish Date: 2 December 2019
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If you’re moving home then family, friends and a local removal company can often help you safely transport your belongings.

And, for the most part, they will arrive intact save for the odd cracked plate or plant pot.

However, when it comes to your most valuable and cherished items, you cannot put a price on ensuring they avoid being damaged en route.

That is why you’ll want to consider hiring a professional piano remover to move your piano to a new address.

We present to you five reasons to hire a professional piano transport company to move your piano from one location to another.


Unlike other household items and furniture, pianos require not only specialised moving equipment but experienced hands. Professional firms have both the knowledge and experience to ensure yours is handled in a way that avoids damage or injury. Sometimes a piano must be dismantled in part to reduce the risk – a task average removal companies may not know how to complete.


When you choose a professional piano remover, you can rest assured your money is being well-spent. The cost of hiring one is ultimately far less than the amount you will have to find if a piano is damaged during transportation.


Whether you own a small, upright model or a grand piano, it’s no secret that all pianos are extremely heavy. It is not only the casing, made from solid wood that contributes to the weight. The internal components are made of cast iron and can cause a grand piano to weigh anywhere between 500lbs and 1,200lbs. Attempting to move a piano yourself can be dangerous and, done without due care, could result in you or others sustaining an injury. Professional piano removal experts will always arrive prepared, with the appropriate equipment, to make sure everyone remains safe throughout the process.


Pianos may appear sturdy, and in some examples almost indestructible, due to their vast size and solid wood casing. However, that is not the case when it comes to moving them. Pianos are delicate, and therefore vulnerable to damage, with thousands of fragile internal mechanisms that can break during transportation. Without the knowledge and experience of a professional piano transporter, you run a risk of breaking keys, legs, internal components or scratching the exterior.

Reduces stress

Moving home can be one of the most stressful times in your life because there so remember, organise and then do. Therefore it makes sense to eliminate any concern that your piano will not make it to your new address in one piece. Hiring a professional piano removal company like Markson Pianos will ease that worry or stress you may feel. With experience and know-how gathered over many years, your prized possession will be in safe hands.

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