Five things to consider when buying an Acoustic Grand Piano

Publish Date: 7 April 2020
Bosendorfer Acoustic Grand Piano

Buying an Acoustic Grand Piano is definitely not a process to be rushed. A grand piano is an investment and as with any investment, you’ll want to know everything you can before spending your money. Here we will be taking you through our top five things to consider before you decide to buy an Acoustic Grand Piano which is right for you. 

Where to Place your Acoustic Piano?

The idea of having an acoustic grand piano in your home can be so exciting that you forget to consider the logistics of where it will go. Before going ahead with your purchase, you should know the exact dimensions of your desired piano as well as the dimensions of the space you are aiming to place it in. Considerations must also be made for the levels of humidity and temperature in your home as acoustic pianos are extremely vulnerable to any fluctuations. Spaces that receive direct sunlight or are near central heating systems are not suitable for acoustic grand pianos. 

Try Out Acoustic Pianos Before You Buy

You may have fallen in love with the aesthetic of a grand piano but ultimately, the sound is what will keep your love alive. Before purchasing it is important to determine whether or not you like the sound quality and the tone. Don’t be afraid to ask the opinion of a professional so that you can be sure you’re making the right choice. 

Which brand to go for?

Piano brands such as Bosendorfer and Yamaha are renowned for producing outstanding quality acoustic pianos that are reliable, safe and a worthwhile investment. When looking for the right acoustic grand piano don’t forget to look at the brand, research their history and ask the opinion of a professional.

What is the Warranty of Acoustic Grand Piano?

All large purchases come with a warranty and for good reason. Pianos are extremely delicate instruments and you’ll want to be sure that should anything go wrong, your investment is protected. A majority of new Acoustic Grand Piano purchases will come with a 5 years warranty, but it is always important to check with your piano supplier.

Look out for Second Hand Grand Pianos

For those with a more limited budget, it may be worth considering a second hand acoustic grand piano. Although the used pianos are unlikely to come with the warranty of a brand-new piano, they are a more cost-effective solution and if in good condition, will play just as well. It is, however, important to ask for a comprehensive history of the piano, determining where it has been kept, the maintenance it has received and its current condition. Second hand pianos can be a great investment, but it is vital that a piano technician thoroughly checks the instrument before you purchase it. 

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