Why Hiring A Piano May Be The Best Choice For Your Child

Publish Date: 27 March 2018

If you like musical instruments, you could probably sit here all day and discuss why playing the piano is one of the best skills to have. The benefits are plentiful. It can sharpen verbal memory, focus, diligence and creativity in children. It can reduce stress and anxiety while improving your fine motor skills. But, maybe even more important than these factors, is that playing the piano is cool. You know it, we know it, but does your child know it? Before you rush out to buy your child their first piano, it may be worth making sure that they are completely serious about learning to play by hiring a piano.

After all, pianos are expensive, and children are notorious for changing their interests like the wind. It would be a shame to spend a large amount of money on a piano that your child will play for less than a year. Wouldn’t it be great if you could hire a piano before you buy?

Well, a piano hire service from a trusted piano retailer like Markson Pianos may be the perfect solution to this. It’s cost-effective, working out cheaper if your child does decide that they don’t want to play the piano anymore. Then, there is no hassle trying to get rid of the piano if this situation does occur. On the other hand, if your child seems to be enjoying building their piano skills, and is ready to commit to it, you can buy a new piano. As you have experienced having a rental piano, you can rest assured that your new one is going to be used and loved.

You may argue that there are plenty of cheap second hand pianos available online that you can buy for your child. By doing so, you won’t be tied into any leases, but you may be taking a risk. How many of these pianos will arrive out of tune, with sticky keys and other annoying imperfections? You may find that delivery costs and the price of the piano may equate to a poor purchase if it is run-down. If you are buying a piano second-hand, it is always worth seeing it in person first to ensure that what you are buying is good-quality. By renting a piano from a good piano company, you could avoid this altogether. You can trust that the piano you will receive will be of a high standard. Most companies offer very short leases for those unsure of their future with piano.

A few online news sites have reported that more parents are skipping out on buying pianos for their children. Instead, they are settling for cheaper, electronic alternatives such as keyboards. These electronic instruments can help children learn the basics of piano playing. But, they do not offer the same experience as a real piano. They often have fewer keys that are differently weighted. By learning to play a keyboard first, transitioning to piano may be more difficult than if the learning began on a piano. You can buy keyboards that are very similar to pianos, with the same amount of weighted keys. But, these keyboards are often just as, if not more expensive than a real piano. So, the imagined savings from using keyboard alternatives may not be as realistic as previously thought.

These are just some of the reasons why renting or hiring a piano may be a wise decision for your child. At Markson Pianos, we offer great deals on long-term piano hire and piano sales, so feel free to check out the rest of our website.