Kawai Grand Pianos: Unparalleled musical expression

Publish Date: 30 January 2024
Kawai Grand Pianos - Markson Pianos

Kawai is fast approaching its 100th anniversary, and throughout the past century the piano manufacturer has proven itself to be a pioneer in the world of music, consistently pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship and innovation.

After working for Yamaha for many years, Kawai’s founder, Koichi Kawai, decided to found his own piano company, and since then the manufacturer has become synonymous with precision engineering, exceptional sound quality, and artistic design.

In this article, we’ll be delving into the art of Kawai grand piano craftsmanship, exploring the superior sound quality it delivers and the unparalleled experience of playing a Kawai concert grand.

We’ll also guide readers on how to choose the perfect Kawai grand piano, and provide insights into the maintenance and care of your grand.

The art of Kawai grand piano craftsmanship

Since 1927, Kawai has focused on meticulous craftsmanship, brought to the world by skilled artisans and cutting-edge technology.

Each piano is carefully designed and built with precision, using a combination of traditional handcrafting and advanced machinery to ensure each detail meets the highest standards the world has come to expect.

Did you know that only straight-grained, quarter-sawn spruce is chosen for all Kawai grand piano soundboards? Kawai is incredibly strict about its selection of premium materials for all components that contribute to the resonance and durability of each piano.

Kawai’s commitment to providing customers with innovative products was never more evident than in 2004 when it released the Millennium III Action.

This revolutionary piano action incorporates carbon fibre that enhances the speed by an incredible 25 per cent compared to traditional actions.

Superior sound quality and performance of Kawai grand pianos

Kawai grand pianos have long been celebrated for their rich, warm tones and exceptional sound.

The manufacturer’s incorporation of advanced music technology has undoubtedly pushed Kawai ahead of the crowd and sets it apart in the world of grand pianos.

All Kawai Grand Pianos possess incredible performance features, such as the Ultra-Responsive Direct Blow Action, which ensures a consistent feel across the keyboard.

This attention to detail consistently allows musicians to have complete control when playing.

Kawai grand piano models and series

Kawai offers a diverse range of grand pianos to cater to players of every skill level.

Whether you’re interested in the stunning GX Series, designed with professionals in mind, or the more affordable but high-quality GL Series for entry-level musicians, Kawai has ensured there is a grand piano for everyone.

However, for musicians seeking the epitome of grand piano performance, look no further than the Kawai Concert Grand.

This piano delivers an unparalleled playing experience time and again, being crafted to meet the demands of a concert hall and the needs of professional musicians.

The Concert Grand offers a powerful and resonant sound that fills large auditoriums with ease, making playing better than ever.

Choosing the perfect Kawai grand piano

We love helping our customers choose the perfect Kawai grand piano to suit their needs, skill level, available space, and budget.

For professionals and more seasoned players, we recommend the coveted GX Series, which combines exceptional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.

For entry-level players, we recommend the GL Series as the perfect starting point for a pianist looking for expressive tone and expansive dynamic range.

Above all, we advise customers to visit our showroom to play each piano to feel the nuances of the touch and experience the unique sound of each model.

Maintenance and care for Kawai grand pianos

Kawai pianos are finished with a variety of finishes, from fine hand-rubbed lacquer to beautiful high-gloss polyester resin.

However, as Kawai states itself, caring for these diverse finishes is essentially the same.

Gently dusting your piano with a soft feather or wool-type duster helps retain the finish without leaving scratches. Following this, you should take a soft cloth and a mild cleaner to gently buff away any fingerprints and dirt.

The next best way to care for your grand is to ensure your instrument has regular tunings by a qualified technician to maintain its tonal integrity.

Pianos need a lot of TLC, so having these regular MOTs will ensure your instrument lasts well into the future.

Finally, humidity control is essential to prevent damage to the wood and internal components, which is why Kawai recommends housing your piano in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment.

Take home a Kawai grand piano today

Kawai grand pianos seamlessly blend beautiful craftsmanship and innovation to create some of the world’s best musical instruments.

Whether you are performing on a concert stage, recording in a studio or playing for family and friends at home, Kawai grand pianos continue to set the standard for superior sound and performance.

If you are interested in learning more about our collection of Kawai Grand Pianos, feel free to browse our website or get in touch with our team on 020 7935 8682 or email us at info@marksonpianos.com for more information.