Kawai upright pianos: Uncompromising quality and musical excellence

Publish Date: 30 January 2024
Kawai Upright Pianos - Markson Pianos

Did you know that Kawai won the MMR Dealers Choice Award for “Acoustic Piano Line of the Year” in 2023?

Over the past century, it has become one of the most celebrated companies in the industry, receiving more than 50 major international awards for its pianos, and it’s easy to understand why.

Noted for their superior craftsmanship and unparalleled sound quality, which has solidified their place in the hearts of musical artists, Kawai upright pianos stand out.

In this article, we’ll hail the incredible craftsmanship of Kawai upright pianos, highlight key models, guide readers in choosing the right piano, and discussessential maintenance and care tips.

Craftsmanship behind Kawai upright pianos

The secret to Kawai’s decades of success lies in its dedication to high-quality craftsmanship.

Every upright piano is meticulously crafted by Kawai’s master piano artisans using a combination of traditional handwork and cutting-edge technology.

Kawai has always been committed to using only premium materials, which is reflected in the quality selection of wood used in the soundboards for uprights.

Each piece of wood is carefully cured and aged to ensure a rich tone and resonance that makes Kawai’s pianos some of the best on the market.

The balance of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovativation has always set Kawai apart from the competition.

The brand’s upright pianos not only meet a musician’s every need, but they also encourage unlimited artistic freedom.

Superior sound quality and performance of Kawai upright pianos

Kawai is known for producing upright pianos with superior sound quality, and this, in part, is down to the introduction of their Millennium III action.

This action mechanism, made with an infusion of carbon fibre with Kawai’s ABS composites, is designed to enhance the piano’s responsiveness and playability. Players will instantly notice a more precise and faster key movement, allowing for greater control while playing.

All musicians can appreciate the clarity, responsiveness and tonal brilliance that Kawai’s uprights offer, making them an obvious choice for seasoned players and piano enthusiasts.

Kawai upright piano models and series

Kawai provides an incredible selection of upright piano models and series catering to musicians of all abilities.

Born from a fusion of advanced technology and new ideas, Kawai’s K Series is noted for its dynamic range, tonal clarity and sleek finish, making it perfect for advanced players and beginners.

On the other hand, the upright AnyTime Hybrid Series allows players to practice day or night with the Silent System while benefiting from the touch of an acoustic piano.

There is also the coveted AURES series equipped with Kawai’s most advanced sound technology and, like the Anytime series, it also allows players to use headphones to play without disturbing others.

Each series has unique characteristics, ensuring there is the perfect Kawai upright piano for every musician.

Choosing the right Kawai Upright Piano

At Markson Pianos, we love to help customers choose the right piano to suit their needs.

The process involves considering factors such as your current skill level, budget, and personal preferences.

We find that most players gravitate towards the K Series because it offers a balance of high-quality sound and craftsmanship with affordability.

Maintenance and care for Kawai upright pianos

Kawai upright pianos are built to last but, like all quality products, they require proper care and maintenance.

We recommended to have your upright tuned regularly by a qualified technician to ensure your piano stays in optimal condition and produces the best sound.

As with any instrument, your upright should be housed in a stable environment where there are no sudden fluctuations in temperature or humidity. This will help to prevent damage to the exterior wood and the internal components.

Finally, routine cleaning using a soft cloth and mild surface cleaner is encouraged by Kawai to maintain the piano’s aesthetic and avoid dirt or dust build-up.

Explore our Kawai Upright Pianos

To quote Shigeru Kawai, the son of founder Koichi Kawai: “As long as you are building pianos, you should strive to build the finest ones in the world.”

Kawai has strived, and always will, to produce some of the finest pianos by blending traditional master craftsmanship and new-age technology.

Finding the perfect Kawai upright piano is an exciting journey for any musician, and if you are interested in learning more about our growing collection of Kawai Upright Pianos, feel free to browse our website or get in touch with our team by dialling 020 7935 8682.

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