What to Know Before Buying a Used Piano

Publish Date: 12 February 2018

Buying a used piano is like buying a used car; it is a big investment and you want to make sure you are in possession of its history. That is why just like a car, it is important that you ask the used piano seller about its background. This can consist of the brand, model, manufacturer and serial number; all important information to have before even paying it a visit. This way you can research its original pricing and more importantly, what you should expect from the instrument. Once you are in possession of this information, there are a number of questions you will want to ask the seller that you may not have previously considered. If this is your first time buying a second hand piano, keep reading for a series of key questions you should be asking.

The first and most important question will always be why are they selling the piano. There are many reasons they may want to sell the instrument, but you need to make sure that its not going to cost you in the long run. Many sellers may tell you that its taking up too much space and whilst this is understandable, it is also a warning sign of neglect.

The next question after this should then be regarding maintenance; who has been maintaining the instrument and how often. Piano tuning and repairs should always be carried out by a professional as if not there is a lot of internal damage that may have been caused throughout its time with the owner.

As an add on to this you may want to ask how often the piano has been tuned whilst they have been in possession of the instrument. It is generally recommended that a piano be tuned at least two times every year. If this hasn’t been the case, you may find yourself having to pay out for specialised tunings and other maintenance to restore it to its former glory.

You’ll also want to ask where the piano has been stored whilst in their possession and what kind of conditions it has been subject to in terms of heat, light and humidity. If it has been in an overheated or overly damp environment, you may find that the piano is not in great shape and may have to be restored/rebuilt.

Who has been playing the piano whilst in their possession is a good question to help you better understand the way it has been treated. If it is someone who takes playing the piano very seriously it is likely tat it will be in better condition than it would be if it were in a more casual pianists use. They will have wanted to ensure that it is tuned and will be better at knowing when the piano wasn’t playing to its full potential.

Finally, you will want to ask if the second hand piano has had any previous owners and if the current owners are aware of the conditions it was kept in by them. The older a piano is, the more you will be affected by its history, so it is important you dig deep to understand what type of investment you are making with the instrument.

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