Lola Perrin – Markson Pianos 2017 Concert Series

Publish Date: 24 October 2017

As part of Markson Piano’s ongoing 2017 Concert Series, this November for two weeks, a number of pianists from across the globe will gather to perform in ClimateKeys. ClimateKeys is an initiative founded by Lola Perrin, the Composer in Residence for Markson Pianos to help bring awareness to the ongoing UN Climate talks. As part of this on the 25th October at St Mary Magdalene Parish Church in Central London, Lola Perrin will perform and take time to speak about concerning climate issues that need to be addressed.

Currently there are several pianists joining Perrin on her quest to launch ClimateKeys project. The current programme consists of Natalie Bleicher, Hannah Gill, Daniel Grimwood, Mikael Pettersson, Tim Pryce, Elena Riu, Elli Spackova, Caroline Tyler, Nafis Umerkulova and many more. These pianists will be performing across the globe from Canada to Germany, the USA to France to help spread their message.

ClimateKeys will begin its project this October and is set to continue into 2018. The idea of this stems from Lola Perrins original touring project which allowed her to perform a number of pieces and then have a guest speaker talk to the audience about their views on current climate topics. This would then open up a conversation with the audience and allow them to opportunity to pool ideas and create a positive response regarding environmental issues that affect us all.

The response to this was so overwhelmingly positive across the board that it gave Perrin the idea to reach out to other pianists from around the world and encourage them to speak out. They did not necessarily have to speak themselves but at least allow guest speakers with interesting and informative speeches to engage with their audience. In turn, this would then be able to greatly increase the conversations being had about important climate change issues and make people understand what is happening.

These new and interesting collaborative dues create the perfect balance of fantastic music coupled with riveting speakers who can really engage the audience. It not only allows the speaker to talk about issues close to their heart but it more importantly provides normal people with the opportunity to find their voice and let their concerns regarding climate change be heard.

Climate change has become a widely accepted fact across the globe but now is the time to act on it to ensure that we have a safe world to live in for years to come. Maintaining the earths temperature has never been more difficult and equally has never been more important. The aim of ClimateKeys is to help create conversation about positive action we can take as individuals and how we can begin to transition to cleaner, more sustainable energy.

Each evening will consist of a half hour piano performance by the chosen artist followed by a fifteen-minute talk by the guest speaker of the evening to create a twenty-minute window in which the audience can start a conversation. The evening will then close with a final performance.

If you are interested in attending this evening, tickets are available at Concert Series