Markson Pianos Concert Series 2018 – Lola Perrin’s The Big Invisible Clock

Publish Date: 26 October 2018

As part of Markson Piano Concert Series 2018, Lola Perrin will perform in London in partnership with ClimateKeys.

ClimateKeys is an initiative founded by Lola Perrin, the Composer in Residence for Markson Pianos to help bring awareness to climate changes. As part of concert series, Lola Perrin will perform and take time to speak about concerning climate issues that need to be addressed.

Details of the Lola Perrin World Premiere 2018:

This is the world premiere of The Big Invisible Clock (Lola Perrin 2018), Perrin’s tenth suite. Described as a ‘music art climate suite‘, the work has theatrical and witty flavours. This performance features Lola on piano with South African vocalist Estelle Kokot alongside visual artists Nazarin Montag & Eleonore Pironneau who provide interactive art elements. Also featured is commentator Fergal Byrne who will interview Farhana Yamin (Associate Fellow, Chatham House) about issues related to our timeline for decarbonisation.

Date: 31 October, 2018

Time: 7.00 pm

Venue: St Mary Magdalene Church

Munster Square

Central London, NW1 3PH

United Kingdom

ClimateKeys began its project in 2017.  The idea of this stems from Lola Perrins original touring project which allowed her to perform a number of pieces and then have a guest speaker talk to the audience about their views on current climate topics. This would then open up a conversation with the audience and allow them to the opportunity to pool ideas and create a positive response regarding environmental issues that affect us all.

Composed during the summer heatwave, the work contemplates how little information there is about the short timeline we have in which to take the necessary steps to keep the temperature rise to a safer level. The libretto is adapted from words and thoughts the composer collected from climate change experts George Adamson, Laurie Barlow, Graham Bell, Chris Brierley, Tim Crosland, Kris de Meyer, Aubrey Meyer, Kate Raworth & Alex Steffen.

“We have only three or four years to implement a critical plan that will decarbonise our economy by 2050. How many of us know that? I feel like there’s a clock following me around, a big invisible clock. Individuals, corporations and politicians must work together to as never before to prioritise the reducing of carbon emissions to prevent the temperature rise from getting more out of control.” (Lola Perrin)

The composer shares her policy on acting locally, nationally and internationally on climate change, and the audience is invited to contribute their words to an art installation created especially for the performance.

St Mary Magdalene Parish Church

Munster Square

London, NW1 3PH

Ticket includes a post-concert glass of wine.

Tickets £8.00 on the door or pre-booked £4.00.

If you are interested in attending this event on 31 October, please visit and buy tickets here