Are second hand Petrof pianos any good?

Publish Date: 26 March 2022
Petrof piano

Founded in 1864 by Czech piano maker Antonín Petrof, Petrof pianos have become a leading name in pianos in Europe and worldwide. Petrof is a company with a reputation that precedes itself, and when it comes to asking whether a second hand Petrof piano is worth purchasing, our answer would be yes.

Petrof is a name to note in the piano world, and a Petrof second-hand piano is perfect for those looking to enjoy the beauty of music at a reduced cost, but as with any purchase, it is important to do your research. The right used piano can look, sound, and feel just as good as a brand new instrument, but you could be wasting your money if it is not correctly cared for.

Is a Petrof Piano worth the restoration fees?

If a piano has not been kept in the right conditions and adequately cared for throughout the years, it might cost you more in restoration fees than buying a new piano. Often you can tell if a used piano is not worth purchasing by its exterior, which will show signs of fading, scratches, dents and other damage that is a clear indicator of what’s in store on the inside.

You can find amazing second hand Petrof pianos from a range of sellers, but we would always recommend purchasing from a reputable piano seller and restorer like Markson Pianos. To guarantee that every second hand piano we sell is of the highest standard, we ensure that each instrument goes through a full regulation and setup. The piano will be thoroughly checked, and any damaged or deteriorated parts will be replaced or renewed by our team. At least two in-house tunings will then be conducted to assess the stability and ensure it is structurally sound.

Is it worth getting a second-hand Petrof?

Whether new or used, Petrof pianos have an incredibly romantic and traditional European sound often found in more expensive instruments. The beauty of Petrof pianos is that there is a piano for every budget, which means their second-hand models are generally quite affordable.

Petrof piano (2)

Petrof may be over 150 years old, but the manufacturer has committed itself to religiously developing and improving its instruments. Petrof uprights are regularly used by professional pianists around the globe, which means the brand is ever-evolving and growing to meet consumer needs.

The Petrof piano is an elegant and sleek piano

Petrof combines the elegant beauty of sleek, modern and simplified designs with the powerful and rich open tone of a traditional piano. Whether you are looking for a second-hand piano for your home, a commercial setting, an educational setting or anything in between, Petrof pianos have all the qualities you would be looking for.

One of the most unique qualities about Petrof that puts them above the rest and ensures that whether you are buying a new or used piano, you are getting a quality instrument is their manufacturing process. Expert piano makers handcraft Petrof grand pianos, and an incredible 80% of the process consists of manual work on the instrument.

The result of such dedicated craftsmanship is an array of unique and beautiful instruments built for players of all skills and, best of all, built to last. If you are looking for a second-hand piano that still
looks and sounds great, we would highly recommend considering a Petrof.

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