The Top 10 Piano Pieces For Beginners

Publish Date: 25 September 2019
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If you are new to the piano world, you have probably been drawn in by some beautiful, classical pieces and you might be wondering whether you can start playing your favourite piece right away. The good news is, you most likely can, as many of the most famous classical pieces are easily accessible, even for beginners.

What are the top 10 piano pieces for beginners

From Beethoven and Strauss to Bach and Shubert, the below compilation demonstrates that you can start off playing some of the most inspirational and world-renowned pieces straight away.

Fauré’s Berceuse

Composed in 1864, Berceuse means cradle song and is the most popular section of The Dolly Suite – a collection of pieces for piano by Gabriel Faure. This piece has a lively and melodic tempo which is a great start for any beginner.

Shubert’s Ave Maria

A simple but very moving tune by Franz Shubert, composed in 1825. The third of three songs whose text is derived from Walter Scott’s poem, The Lady of the Lake. This is a perfectly angelic and uncomplicated beginning for any pianist.

Franck’s The Doll’s Complaint

A melody for piano in G major, ‘The Doll’s Complaint’ is an easy piece for beginners and a good exercise, technically as the dominance of each hand alternates as the piece progresses.

Beethoven’s Für Elise

Für Elise is one of Beethoven’s best works which he composed well into his career when he was almost completely deaf. However, the piece was only discovered 40 years after his death in 1867. It is a short piece in A Minor taking the Rondo Form (ADACA). The tempo and mood change throughout which creates a simple yet varied style for any beginner.

Tchaikovsky’s Theme from ‘Swan Lake’

Created at speed and completed in just one year in 1876 for the ballet ‘Swan Lake’, this composition provides a limitless variety of infectious melodies to inspire any new pianist.

Bach’s Prelude No. 1 In C Major

A standard classic and the first prelude and fugue from J.S Bach’s ‘Well-Tempered Clavier’, this is a defining musical text which starts off in C major, the most natural musical key; a perfect start for any beginner.

Beethoven’s Ode to Joy

In the final movement of Beethoven’s Symphony No 9, Beethoven composed this piece entirely in his imagination due to his deafness. An uplifting masterpiece that will capture the attention of any beginner.

Strauss The Blue Danube

Composed by Johann Strauss in 1867 to lift Austria’s spirits after The Seven Week War, The Blue Danube is the most famous waltz ever written – a memorable piano introduction.

Jean Sibelius Finlandia

A tone poem, written in 1899 about the Finish people overcoming their enemies, this piece can be broken down into simplified sections.

Alexander Reinagle Allegro

A good friend of Mozart and one of the most respected American musicians, Reinagle created this piece as part of his Sonatas and it offers a simple yet inspiring entrance into the piano world.

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