Top Five Piano Practice Studios in London

Publish Date: 1 November 2019

You’ve organised your time, finished your work and now want to start practising your piano. But your house is full of family or friends, the kids are home from school, or the TV is on in the same room as the piano. You can feel yourself getting increasingly annoyed; you just want some peace and quiet to practise.

It’s a known fact that if you can’t practise with 100% concentration, you won’t feel the full benefits.  You have to remove all distractions. Not only will this be less frustrating, but you’ll find your playing will improve faster.

A Solution to Your Problem

Piano practise studios are the perfect way to remove all distractions for an hour or so, and simply concentrate on your craft. Imagine the quiet solitude of your own practice studio, with a well-maintained and tuned piano. Best of all, it’s a lot more affordable than you think.

Practice rooms can be used by many different people, including instrumentalists, singers and music teachers. Whether you are a student, amateur or professional, a piano practice studio can be an ideal solution.

To help you choose which one suits your needs, here are the top five piano practice studios in London.

  1. Markson Pianos, 7 – 8 Chester Court, Albany St. NW1

Open seven days a week, the soundproof studios at Markson Pianos hold up to three people each. All our rooms have upright pianos and seating, and are equipped with recording devices – ideal if you wish to record a lesson or simply listen back to your playing with a critical ear.

  • Jacques Samuel Pianos, 142 Edgware Rd, W2 2DZ

Jacques Samuel Pianos offers 16 air-conditioned practice rooms with a choice of grand or upright pianos. One of their rooms features a C. Bechstein grand piano, especially for group rehearsals. They also offer complimentary Wi-Fi, and tea and coffee.

  • Amy & Miles Rooms at The Academy Building, 7 Fanshaw, Hoxton, N1 6LQ

Based in The Academy Building in North London, the Amy Room & the Miles room offers three beautiful practice rooms, each fitted with upright pianos, mirrors, music stands, and tables and chairs. They’re suitable for up to four people.

  • Blüthner, 6, Baker St. Portman Sq. W1U 3AA

Run by Germany’s largest piano makers, Blüthner operates eight purpose-built air-conditioned studios. You can choose from upright or grand pianos, with one room housing two grand pianos. All rooms come with a music stand, a couple have full-length mirrors, and there’s complimentary Wi-Fi.

  • The Music Studios, 29 Marylebone Ln, Marylebone, W1U 2NQ

With natural light and open seven days a week, The Music Studios has a total of 13 practice rooms. There are four basement rooms, two with upright pianos and two with grand pianos. The other rooms are for larger groups.

Make the Most of Your Practice Time

Experts say that practising on the piano more often will give the best results. Don’t forget to warm up before starting, and make sure you’re sitting comfortably at the correct height and distance from the piano.

It can be a good idea to record your practice. Bad habits can creep in, so record and playback to see where you could be going wrong.